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You came to your SAMSUNG fridge as usual, but noticed that the display has changed: the display shows RD code instead of temperature. You can also notice that the fridge is not working properly: either poorly freezing or, on the contrary, over-freezing. You realize that you need a Samsung refrigerator repair Bonita. Let’s look into whether this is the case:

Deciphering the error

The RD error is typical only for Samsung refrigerator models with the No Frost system. It means that the air valve malfunctioned: it became jammed, and it stopped regulating cold air flow into the fridge compartment from the No Frost evaporator in the freezer compartment.

How to fix the rd error yourself

Sometimes it helps solve the problem by completely defrosting the fridge (for at least 24 hours). It happens that moisture gets on the flap. When it freezes, it blocks the damper movement. It is blocked either in the open position, when cold air constantly enters the chamber and the fridge compartment over freezes, or in the closed position, when air from the Zero Frost evaporator does not enter the fridge compartment at all, and does not cool. If after defrosting the refrigerator, the rd error disappeared, but a week or two later the code appeared again, you will have to turn to a master: you need to repair the Samsung refrigerator because it is defective.

Possible malfunctions that require repair

According to the experience of the masters of Bonita Appliance Repair Company, most often, the rd code occurs in Samsung due to breakdowns of the following nodes.

1. Faulty shutter motor
It is responsible for moving the damper to a predetermined position. If the motor is broken when the damper is in the open position, it will freeze the refrigerator compartment. If the damper is broken in the closed position, it will become warm in the refrigeration compartment.

2. Reed breakage
A reed sensor detects the position of the flap and transmits the information to the control module. If it fails, the control module “doesn’t understand” what position the damper is in, and the display shows error rd. If the damper is wedged in the open position, the refrigerating chamber freezes heavily. If the flap is wedged in the closed position, the refrigerating compartment, on the contrary, does not cool.
According to the experience of our workshop, the most frequent failures are the “short” reed switches on the old Samsung models.

3. Faulty defrosting system Know Frost
The Know Frost system allows the refrigerator to work without defrosting. There is an evaporator in the freezer. It has a built-in defrost heating element that is activated by the defrost sensor and melts the frost on the evaporator. If the system stops working, the evaporator gets covered with ice. Gradually the ice blocks the air duct to the refrigerating compartment, the damper becomes frozen and jams. This prevents cold air from the freezer from entering the refrigerator compartment, and it becomes warm there.

In the defrost system one or more of the following parts can fail:
– defrost sensor;
– fuse;
– Defrost timer.

4. Control module defective
Probably there are burned-out radio elements on the board and oxidized or burned-out tracks/contacts in the circuit of the damper control. Therefore, the air damper is “stuck” in one position. And already for this reason the refrigerating compartment does not cool or, on the contrary, it over freezes.

5. The silicone seal on the air damper is worn out
The silicone seal is used to ensure a tight connection between the door and the opening. When the gasket wears out, the baffle plate will begin to catch on the edges of the opening where the cold air is blowing out. As a result, it can get “jammed” in one of the positions and the cooling compartment will stop cooling or, conversely, cold air will constantly flow into it and it will over-freeze.
With severe wear and tear, cold air may also enter the compartment even when the flap is closed due to poor sealing.

6. Damaged shutter wiring or contacts
The contacts are likely burned or oxidized due to prolonged use or high humidity. It is not uncommon for mice or rats to chew through the wiring in residential areas.

If your Samsung refrigerator began to show error rd, and you can not remove it yourself, it is time to seek help from professionals. Call or book your service.

Bonita Appliance Repair Company technicians will arrive promptly at your convenience. The specialist will diagnose your Samsung refrigerator and tell you the exact cause of the RD code. If you agree, they will repair immediately: our specialists always take all the necessary tools and spare parts to the departure. Our customers are always satisfied. Contact Appliance Repair Bonita, and your Samsung refrigerator will serve you well for years to come!

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