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Air Conditioning Repair in Spring Valley

Situations often arise when an Air Conditioning malfunctions and requires professional repair and maintenance. In such situations, it is best to contact the professionals at Chula Vista Appliance Service Center. The professionals at this company have been doing Air Conditioning Repair in Spring Valley, CA for over 15 years. After all, Air Conditioning is an indispensable household appliance on hot summer days. The comfort of your home depends a lot on the coolness that the Air Conditioning supplies us with. 

Why contact the company?

They use their many years of experience in Air Conditioning Repair in Spring Valley, CA. Upon arrival, the technician will diagnose the problem and determine the exact cause. The cost of the repair is then quoted to the customer. Once an Air Conditioning Repair in Spring Valley, CA solution has been agreed upon, the technician gets down to work. All breakdowns are repaired on the spot. In 99% of cases, the technician repairs the Air Conditioning on the first visit.

Problems with condensate drainage

There can be problems in the condensate drain system, trouble is as follows: leakage damage, poor air quality, presence of toxic mold or the Air Conditioning shutting down completely. Usually, condensate from the Air Conditioning drains out by gravity, outwards or maybe with the help of a drain pump. 

You may find that the drain hose may be clogged. In this case, call a technician to have the drain cleaned. Do not experiment yourself to fix the drainage problem - you are better off calling a technician who specializes in Air Conditioning Repair in Spring Valley, CA and you will get the problem solved quicker.

The Air Conditioning is not blowing properly

Weak airflow from the Air Conditioning is another type of problem, when the Air Conditioning works, but cools badly. When the airflow is poor, the room simply does not have enough time to cool the entire area. This is usually caused by clogged internal filters. Occasionally, this is the first indication of a more serious problem, such as a worn compressor. Rarely, because compressor faults usually "present themselves" in a more pronounced way.

The Air Conditioning switches off after 10 minutes

You have been adjusted to cool all day, and here it is such a bummer already in 10 minutes?

It happens, and for different reasons:

  • Because of the Air Conditioning settings;
  • Compressor overheating;
  • Through a malfunction in the control board;
  • Maybe you set too high a temperature. Perhaps, something has happened to the control board and electronic brain of a conditioner that has decided that its task for today is done.

Conditioner switches off right after switching on

Turning off right after switching on is not the same as turning off after 10 minutes of work. That is, there is no big difference for you, but for the prospect of repair it is. Such "minute weakness" of an Air Conditioning can be caused by:

  • Breakage of air temperature sensor.
  • Breakage of heat exchanger temperature sensor.
  • Failure of indoor unit fan.
  • Control board malfunction.
  • Faulty start-up capacitors.

The Air Conditioning switches off after 1 minute

A variant of the previous malfunction is the Spring Valley Air Conditioning Repair and Service switching off in one minute after switching on, sometimes in two. Depending on the model and external conditions, the electronic unit may spend up to two minutes trying to read the sensors and only after a couple of minutes of unsuccessful attempts, it finally shuts down.

The Air Conditioning does not switch on

Here everything is simple: either there is no tension in a network, or the conditioner has a faulty internal electric circuit. If there is light, but Spring Valley Air Conditioning Repair does not switch on, the reason of a breakdown is in:

  • compressor malfunction;
  • Start capacitor short circuit;
  • control board malfunction;
  • Ground fault.

Spring Valley Air Conditioning Repairs and Service differ from warranty services in that they are more for preventative purposes, whereas warranty services are carried out after a breakdown and involve calling a technician, repairing the unit and replacing defective parts.

For 15 years our company has employed only the most experienced and qualified specialists.  If you have a problem, you can contact us by calling us at the number listed on our website or leave a completed form on the website and your problem will be resolved immediately. 

We carry out Spring Valley Air Conditioning Repair and Service at home, but in some severe cases we may require transporting the unit to our workshop which may take several days (up to a week), depending on the complexity of the job.  So, when you need an Air Conditioning Repair, we recommend contacting Chula Vista Appliance Service Center!

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