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The washer-dryer starts spinning immediately: causes and solution

In the normal mode, the appliance first draws in water, then the drum starts rotating evenly according to the set program. Only when the washing is complete does the appliance press the laundry against the drum walls and increase the revolutions to spin the items and get rid of the used water.   If in […]


Why does my washing machine suddenly switch off?

If your washing machine, which has been a reliable assistant for a long time, suddenly stops working – don’t despair! We’ll tell you what could be the cause, and what you can do before you call for repairs.   Don’t panic. Often the problem is solved by resetting the washing machine. But there are other […]


A microwave oven works but doesn’t heat – what’s the reason?

Microwave ovens allow you to heat food quickly. They are very convenient and easy-to-use appliances that work well for many years. However, they can also malfunction. It can happen that the microwave oven works but does not heat the food. Let’s look at the reasons why this happens.   Causes not caused by defective parts […]


6 reasons why your refrigerator is too hot

Every home has a refrigerator today. This device cools and freezes foods and food, preserving them for a long time. Regardless of the model of the unit and the year of its manufacture, the owner of the equipment can face an unpleasant problem – an increase in temperature mode in the refrigerating chamber.   Most […]


Why doesn’t the freezer freeze? 5 main reasons

Thermostat or temperature sensor in the freezer compartment (in double-compressor refrigerators)  The thermostat (in electromechanical refrigerator models) regulates the temperature in the chamber. In most cases, when it fails, the cooling does not turn on and the compartment does not freeze. The cause of the thermostat failure, more often than not, is due to a […]

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