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Cooktop Repair in La Mesa

If your vacuum cleaner breaks down, you can use a broom for a few days, if your washing machine breaks down you can put off doing laundry for a week, but a malfunctioning cooktop is a real disaster. We offer emergency Cooktop Repair in La Mesa, CA at your home the day you call. Chula Vista Appliance Service Center service technicians can fix all models of cooktops quickly.

Why this company?

Whatever your problem, we can quickly repair your cooktop, replacing parts with new ones. After that, you'll be able to cook appetizing meals for the whole family again. The repair price is never higher than average, and the absence of transportation costs makes cooperation with our service center not only comfortable, but also profitable. Cooktop Repair in La Mesa, CA are performed in compliance with safety requirements, and the masters have all the necessary permits for working with electrical and gas appliances.

Types of burner hobs

  • Electric (spiral, ribbon or halogen infrared), the principle of operation of which is similar to electric stoves or heaters. When you turn on the relay to the elements receives current, which is converted into heat energy due to electrical resistance, heat energy is transferred to the surface and then to the dishes.
  • Induction equipment works fundamentally differently. Eddy current`s from the coil heats the cookware due to what heats the contents of the dish. At the same time, the cooking surface itself does not generate heat, but only slightly heats the cookware.

A technician who specializes in Cooktop Repair in La Mesa, CA can determine the cause and repair the problem.

Features of induction hobs

Most of the complaints of users that the induction hob does not heat are related to the wrong selection of cookware:

  • The pots used must be made of metal with good magnetic properties (stainless steel, cast iron). Induction "does not see" glass, ceramic, copper and aluminum cookware;
  • The power is turned off if the diameter of the cookware does not match the size of the burner;
  • The induction surface will not heat up if there are no dishes on it - this is due to the principle of operation of such equipment;
  • Failure to comply with the rules of Cooktop Repair in La Mesa, CA.

If improper operation is excluded, and the induction equipment does not work, it is also necessary to dismantle the panel and conduct an inspection. The most vulnerable parts are transistors, capacitors, diodes and fuses. La Mesa Cooktop Repair is happy to provide you with a variety of services.


Repair of any electrical appliance should begin with checking the outlet and then inspecting the cord and plug for mechanical damage. Call a La Mesa Cooktop Repairs and Service technician to find the cause, tighten anything that's loose, and replace the failed parts.

  • The following breakdowns are the most common;
  • The fuse can fail due to sudden voltage fluctuations. If the resistance on the device is missing or has a value other than the rated value, the part needs to be replaced;
  • Relay Unit. When you select a certain mode of operation, one of the relays turns on and supplies current to the heating element. Failure of the part is also determined by multimeter;
  • Circuit breakage on the heating element - a common reason why the hob burner does not heat;
  • Insufficient heating of the panels, working on the principle of the TEN, can be caused by breakdowns of the thermostat, relay or control unit. In halogen elements, the main reason for poor heating is the depletion of the life of the coil or a change in the chemical composition of the gas. Such burner is not repairable and requires replacement;
  • Faults in the temperature sensor cause the burner to turn off early;
  • Sensor failure. If the device does not respond to touch, then, most likely, the sensor failed or there is a problem in the electronic control unit, which is a complex unit with many chips and small parts. It is better to entrust the diagnosis and repair of the board to specialists with knowledge in electronics and the necessary equipment;
  • If you can't fix it yourself or figure out what's causing the problem, call La Mesa Cooktop Repair and Service.

For 15 years, we have had only the most experienced, qualified professionals working for us.  If you have a problem, you can contact us by calling us at the number listed on our website or by leaving a completed form on our website and your problem will be solved immediately.

We perform La Mesa Cooktop Repair and Service at home, but in some severe cases you may need to transport your device to our repair shop which may take several days (up to one week), depending on the complexity of the work.  So, if you need a Cooktop Repair, we recommend contacting Chula Vista Appliance Service Center!

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