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Dishwasher Repair in El Cajon

Today, the dishwasher is an important element of home appliances, especially for a large family, where the mountain of unwashed dishes is a real problem. But as it often happens, the dishwasher tends to break down. And you don't have to go to the store and look for a replacement. The professionals at Chula Vista Appliance Service Center can provide fast, quality Dishwasher Repair in El Cajon, CA.

Common breakdowns of dishwashers:

  • Poor dishwashing quality.  
  • There are several basic solutions to improve wash quality:
  • Increasing the amount of detergent and rinse aid;
  • Poor detergent quality;
  • Dishwasher limescale cleaning;
  • Loading smaller amounts of dishes;
  • Cleaning the filters;
  • Changing the washing mode.  
  • If the above methods have not helped, and the dishwasher continues to wash dishes poorly, we recommend Dishwasher Repair in El Cajon, CA.

The water heats weakly

There may be several reasons for the malfunction:

  • The temperature sensor has stopped working;
  • weak water pressure (in particular, the pump or nozzles);
  • The heating element does not work (it is necessary to check the resistance of the heating element with a multimeter).

The water gets very hot

This happens when the temperature sensor breaks, causing the water to overheat, generating large amounts of steam and stopping the appliance from working. In this case, your machine is waiting for a breakdown and then you can't do without a Dishwasher Repair in El Cajon, CA technician.

The dishes are not dried

This process takes place with the help of a fan. It should be checked with a multimeter, and if it is broken it should be replaced.

The dishwashing process does not start

If you have turned on a certain mode, all the indicators light up, you hear the sound of filling the water, it heats up, but the washing process itself does not occur. In this case the probable causes may be:

  • Clogging of the filter or nozzles;
  • Failure of the circulation pump; 
  • If there is no noise after filling the water, most likely the cause is in the circulation pump!

A Dishwasher Repair in El Cajon, CA technician will be able to accurately determine the breakdown.

Water is overflowing

The most probable reason is the broken water level sensor. It is located at the very bottom of the equipment and should be replaced with a new one. But if the power is turned off and the water is poured into the chamber, then the problem is not in the sensor, but in the solenoid valve, which should shut off the liquid supply. 

The water is not draining

If after washing the water does not flow into the drain, it is possible that the pump is broken, or the drainage system is clogged. There is another common case where the dishwasher does not drain all the water - the drain hose is too far back, and after draining (when the pump shuts off), some of the water goes back into the chamber.

The body is electrocuted

If the dishwasher electrocution, then with 99% probability it is possible to say that the heating element - the heating element, which must be replaced, is punctured. El Cajon Dishwasher Repairs and Service will have no trouble figuring out what the cause is.

Lack of power

If when you turn on the device, the indicators are not lit or the technique does not respond to pressing the buttons, then the cause of failure may be:

  • Broken socket.
  • Damaged door latch.
  • Broken power button
  • Broken mains filter.

Presence of extraneous noises

If you hear a strange noise, then the bearings may have been damaged. Bearings can break due to water ingress. It must be replaced along with the oil seal on the dishwasher. Sometimes the cause of extraneous noise can be contamination of the pump.

Ignoring timely preventive maintenance of the dishwasher

It is important not to forget about timely preventive maintenance, which should be done once every 2 years. It includes cleaning the internal components from limescale, cleaning the filters, replacing worn parts. These technological processes require qualification and should only be carried out by specialists. 

For troubleshooting and El Cajon Dishwasher Repair, we recommend contacting qualified technicians who specialize in El Cajon Dishwasher Repair and Service

Who can I trust with Dishwasher Repair and maintenance?

Attempting to disassemble and fix it yourself can have far more serious consequences, up to and including total repairability. It is better to entrust it to professionals.

For more than 15 years, specialists of the company Chula Vista Appliance Service Center, have been engaged in qualified repair and maintenance of various appliances. Our craftsmen provide quality and reliable El Cajon Dishwasher Repair and Service

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