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Freezer Repair in La Mesa

Freezers are equipment for long-term storage of food. Inside the freezer, a very low temperature is constantly maintained, which keeps food frozen and preserved for months or weeks. Any irregularities in the operation of the equipment indicate the occurrence of malfunctions and require calling a specialist, Chula Vista Appliance Service Center can help you with this. Contact us and our technicians will provide specialized preventive maintenance and Freezer Repair in La Mesa, CA.

The most common malfunctions of freezers

Freon leakage

Freon is a refrigerant used to lower the temperature in the freezer compartment. Its leakage most often occurs due to mechanical damage to the freon conducting tubes. If freon leaks, the air inside the chamber stops cooling, while the compressor motor runs almost continuously. In such a situation, it is better to disconnect the equipment from the mains, free the chamber from the products lying inside and call a master for Freezer Repair in La Mesa, CA. He will determine the location of the leak, fix the damage to the line and pump a new refrigerant into the system.

Compressor failure

This is one of the most serious malfunctions. With such a breakdown, the freezer simply does not work: its motor tries to start, works for a few seconds and then shuts off. Also, the engine can either not start at all or work but make extraneous noises. Such failures are most often associated with the wear and tear of the components or errors in operation. So, if the chamber is constantly overloaded or the equipment is working in the maximum cooling mode in hot weather, it may provoke failure of the compressor. In most cases, it is impossible to Freezer Repair in La Mesa, CA compressors and they must be replaced.

Failure of temperature or air sensor

These sensors measure the temperature inside the freezer. If they malfunction, the control unit receives incorrect temperature information and stops cooling the air. As a result, the temperature in the freezer is not low enough. In this case, the motor switches on very rarely. This malfunction occurs only in modern models with electronic control. To solve this problem, you need to contact Freezer Repair in La Mesa, CA to replace the failed sensor. 

Thermostat Failure

Electromechanical models use thermostats to control the temperature inside the chamber. If such an element fails, the compressor will not work intensively enough due to the fact that the control unit will receive incorrect data about the temperature inside the chamber. If this malfunction occurs, the freezer will not cool or will not cool enough. The La Mesa Freezer Repair and Service of the freezer most often consists in replacing the thermostat.

Failure of the control unit

Most often in such cases the compressor does not turn on at all. At the same time there are no additional signs of malfunction. In some cases, it can be reprogrammed. If the control unit is completely out of order, it will need to be replaced. If you can't fix it yourself or figure out what's causing the problem, call La Mesa Freezer Repairs and Service.

Worn gaskets on the doors

Because of the frequent opening and closing of the doors, the rubber gaskets on them are rubbed, cracked and delaminated. As a result, the chamber does not close hermetically and the cooled air leaks out. Besides, inside the freezing chamber, ice appears due to the formation of condensation inside. This is fraught with breakdown of the compressor motor, failure of the control electronics and other problems. 

Preventing freezer breakdowns

  1. Every six months the freezer should be completely defrosted. After defrosting, it should be thoroughly washed and dried so that no ice will form on the walls after switching on. 
  2. Doors should not be left open for a long time. This is important because the temperature difference between the freezer and the room in which it is installed is quite large. For the freezer to work as efficiently as possible, and condensation does not form inside it.
  3. The freezer should not be overloaded. This applies to both domestic models and large chambers used in warehouses, retail establishments, etc. In order for the compressor motor to maintain the set temperature, it is important to evenly distribute the food inside the chamber, filling it so that a certain amount of free space remains inside it. There is only one way out here - call a La Mesa Freezer Repair.

If your freezer is showing signs of malfunction or just unusual "symptoms", you should not try to perform Freezer Repair yourself - it can lead to more serious breakdowns. It's better to entrust La Mesa Freezer Repair and Service to professionals. Chula Vista Appliance Service Center provides Freezer Repair services for a variety of brands and models.

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