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Oven Repair in La Mesa

The oven is one of the most common purchases among housewives. Its capabilities are not limited to stationary installation, allowing it to be tagged in the most convenient location separate from the stove. That's why appliance Oven Repair in La Mesa, CA has become a regular service ordered from our Chula Vista Appliance Service Center. This is not to say that they break quickly, just the popularity and abundance of appliances.

Why is it worth coming to this company?

First of all, we go to customers' homes, so even if the built-in oven fails, you do not have to dismantle it and take it to the workshop, which is very convenient. In addition, calling a master of our service center is possible on any day of the week, since we work seven days a week. 

And, finally, if you need to Oven Repair in La Mesa, CA or replace damaged parts, we use only original new spare parts, which guarantees a long life of the restored device. Applications for household appliance repair services are processed as quickly as possible. An Oven Repair in La Mesa, CA technician will have no trouble pinpointing the exact cause of the breakdown and the steps to fix it.

Malfunctions of gas ovens

Oven does not work, the burner does not turn on

The breakdown is due to the wear and tear of parts of the gas control system, which will turn off the gas supply in case of a gas leak. Constant heating of the thermocouple negatively affects its integrity, and over time it breaks down, ceasing to perform its functions. If the thermocouple is faulty, the oven will extinguish as soon as you release the knob. Sounds simple, but you need the expertise of an Oven Repair in La Mesa, CA

It won't turn on from the electric ignition (it doesn't click, there's no spark)

For the owner's convenience, oven manufacturers equip their products with an automatic burner ignition. The ignition is powered by a 110-volt electrical network. The spark for the burners is generated by the ignition unit. After 5-6 years, the ignition unit closes. A La Mesa Oven Repairs and Service technician will be able to accurately determine the breakdown.

Does not heat or warm the oven

The oven temperature is regulated and maintained by a mechanical thermostat. A liquid-filled thermal balloon is placed inside the oven. The liquid expands from the high temperatures and pushes the valve. If the flame on the burner barely burns (in a reduced state) and does not rise when you open the door - you should replace the thermostat.

The oven faucet is stuck (does not turn)

All gas appliances must be cleaned, and taps greased annually. Do not forget to La Mesa Oven Repair and Service! If this rule is neglected, the turning mechanisms dry out and can jam. The taps may also jam if the oven thermostat breaks or if the swivel mechanism pinion wears out.

The oven burner does not light (does not ignite)

The breakdown occurs after many years of operation, the frequency of occurrence increases with the years. The cause of occurrence: wear of the ignition unit; violation of the ignition plugs wire insulation; destruction and cracking of the ceramic ignition plug. At night, turn off the light in the kitchen. 

Turn on the igniter and observe the spark:

  • Complete lack of spark on one burner - a broken wire.
  • The spark hits to the side, into the cooktop - a crack in the spark plug.
  • The spark has a yellow or red color - wear of the ignition unit.

Faults of electric ovens

Mode and temperature are set but the oven does not heat

You should check the AC mains connection source, the serviceability of the electric cable to the oven. If you checked the socket with another household appliance, there is current in the network, but the cable is damaged, so replace it with a new one.

Oven heats up too much, and the food burns

The thermostat is defective and should be replaced. Its malfunction leads not only to excessive heating of the cabinet, but also to non-heating of the space in the oven in general. Therefore, if the set modes exceed the temperature, change the thermostat. A La Mesa Oven Repair technician will be able to accurately determine the breakdown.

Oven not working at all

Complete inoperability of the oven is expressed in the failure of the electronic module. Disassemble and replace the module with a new one, or re-flash the electronic unit. 

Chula Vista Appliance Service Center installs, services and repairs professional and residential ovens. We have 15 years of experience, we know our business very well, and we understand our customers' problems.

Rest assured, we will do everything we can to get your Oven Repaired as quickly and efficiently as possible.  We perform La Mesa Oven Repair and Service at home, and we also travel to businesses and retail locations. You can call us or leave a completed form on our website, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

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