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Washer Repair in Bonita

Almost every family has a washing machine. The first machines appeared in the 19th century. Now this electric helper for the housewife is an article of prime necessity. But, of course, any household appliance eventually breaks down and fails. Thus, and in washing machines there are malfunctions that upset their owners. In such situations, we advise you to contact Chula Vista Appliance Service Center, a company that has been Washing Machine Repair in Bonita, CA for over 15 years. 

Causes of breakdowns in washing machines

The most common cause of failure of automatic washing machines is clogging of the drain system by foreign objects: coins, shoelaces, brassiere bones, buttons, etc. Even the most advanced washing machine is not immune to breakdowns associated with foreign objects in its system. They can pierce the tank, pipes, unscrew the heating element, clog the pump, rip off the impeller from the pump, etc. Therefore, you should not forget about the Bonita Washing Machine Repair and Service, you need to undergo regular maintenance. 

Another frequent cause of breakdowns is the use of excessive amounts of powder or soap when washing. This leads to enveloping the heating element, it overheats and eventually burns out (sometimes even with an explosion). In this case, you may need to overhaul the washing machine, not just replace the heating element.

Often failure occurs due to overloading or improper loading of the machine. When the laundry in the drum is bunched into a lump, the washing machine begins to jump while spinning. In frontal models, sealing is violated, the water from the tank penetrates through the gland in the bearing unit, which causes the bearings to rust, and the machine begins to rattle. The vertical models of washing machines have bent axles and begin to "octahedral". Washing Machine Repair in Bonita, CA in this case can be costly: here it is not excluded the need to replace the drum and tank.

The water does not heat up

The fact that the water in the machine is not heated can be detected at various stages of washing. Smart modern appliances will not start the wash until the water heats up to the desired temperature. Machines simpler will work the program from and to, but the clothes remain cold and not too well washed. 

The reason for this is a breakdown of the heating element (so-called TEN). We should immediately note that the breakage of the heating element is the most common cause of the fact that the machine does not want to heat water. What is better - to change the heating element or try to clean it from scale - only an experienced Washing Machine Repair in Bonita, CA specialist will tell you. 

The drum does not rotate 

Why does it not rotate? Again, here you need to look at what stage it stopped spinning. If it did not start at all today, the matter may be in the electrical circuit or the module that gives commands for washing. If the drum stopped in the middle of washing, it means that this washing was too stressful for it. And in the literal sense of the word - usually the drum stops in the middle of the wash because of damage caused by overloading.

So, to say, the last drop in the cup of patience of the washing machine.

The machine does not spin 

It also happens that the machine seems to have washed everything as needed, and the water is drained, but the spin does not start. It does not start - and that's it! There may be several reasons to call a Bonita Washing Machine Repairs and Service specialist:

  • the spin is disabled on the control panel;
  • the tank is overloaded;
  • the water is not completely drained;
  • the tachometer is broken;
  • the electronic module is broken;
  • the engine is broken.

If there is a problem with the module and the motor, in no case do not touch yourself - these are complex constructions that do not forgive any careless moves. Whether to change the motor, repair or buy a new machine - decide after consulting with a Washing Machine Repair in Bonita, CA.

And remember: no matter what happens to your washing machine - you can always count on the help of the service center, the selection and delivery of original spare parts, Bonita Washing Machine Repair and replacement of worn-out parts by appliance repairmen.

If the equipment, for whatever reason, does not work, then you should not consider buying a new one. But is this really the case? 

Our Chula Vista Appliance Service Center can help you save money and give your broken appliances a second life. Our company has been Bonita Washing Machine Repair and Service washing machines for 15 years. Our professionals have only modern special equipment for the diagnosis of failure of washing machines. There are all the necessary parts of unique manufacture. If you are faced with a breakdown of your washing machine, you just come to us. Our masters will help to solve your problem and will do it in the shortest possible time. 

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