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A malfunctioning electric oven can ruin your food, especially if it doesn’t heat up correctly. This is particularly important when it comes to baking since the right temperature must be maintained consistently to ensure properly cooked items. Before contacting an appliance repair service for assistance, it may be helpful to understand some of the most common issues that can arise with electric ovens.

If you’re struggling to identify why your electric oven isn’t heating up enough or not heating up at all, don’t despair. Our team of certified professionals at Chula Vista Appliance Repair is experts at identifying and fixing any type of issue, so you can trust us to resolve the problem with ease.

Most common reasons why your electric oven doesn’t heat up

Electric ovens are just as popular as gas ovens when it comes to baking or broiling, and it’s important to understand how they work in order to identify the top reasons why an electric oven won’t heat up and appliance repair might be needed.

In order to operate, electric ovens need a 240V alternating current that runs through two legs of voltage carrying 120V each. The control board of the oven regulates the first leg, while the second leg can be regulated either by the control or be constantly present in the baking and broiling elements. When baking or broiling, the oven control allows either the first leg of voltage or both legs to move to the baking or broiling element, closing the circuit and causing the element to heat up. Understanding this process is essential when troubleshooting electric ovens that won’t heat up properly.

The temperature of an electric oven is controlled by an oven sensor or a sensing bulb attached to the oven thermostat. When the desired temperature is reached, the oven control shuts off the voltage to the selected heating element. This cycle is repeated during the entire baking or broiling process to maintain the correct temperature inside the oven.

So, you have an electric oven that is not heating up correctly? That’s frustrating! Could be a bunch of reasons why this is going on. Let’s take a look at some of the common issues you might encounter.

  1. Faulty heating element: The heating element generates heat within the oven. If it’s not working correctly, your oven won’t heat up properly.
  2. Damaged bake element or broil element: These elements can become damaged over time or due to wear and tear, causing the oven to not heat up properly.
  3. Malfunctioning thermostat: The thermostat in your oven controls the temperature. If it’s not working correctly, your oven may not heat up to the desired temperature.
  4. Broken oven sensor: The oven sensor monitors the temperature inside the oven and communicates with the control board. If it’s not functioning correctly, your oven may not heat up properly.
  5. Faulty control board: The control board regulates the oven’s functions, including the temperature. If it’s not working correctly, your oven may not heat up to the desired temperature.

Remember, if you’re not comfortable diagnosing or repairing your oven yourself, it’s always best to call a professional. Don’t risk causing further damage or injury.

If you are experiencing any of these issues with your electric oven, it’s best to contact our appliance repair service in Chula Vista to diagnose and fix the problem.

If you’re experiencing issues with your oven’s heating, there might be a range of potential culprits to blame. A frequent problem is an improperly functioning heating or broiling element. You can determine if this is the issue by testing the temperature of the element – if it’s cool instead of hot, you’ll need to inspect it and its surroundings for any visible damage, such as scratches or holes. If you do happen to notice any damage, our appliance repair service technicians can fix it the same day, so you won’t have to go without your oven for long.

If your electric oven is not heating up, it is possible that the problem could be a blown fuse. To check if this is the issue, you should first unplug the oven and then pull out each fuse one by one. Inspect the fuses for any signs of damage, such as burnt or broken internal parts. If you find any, the fuses need to be replaced. However, it is important to note that you should never touch or test fuses while the electric oven is still plugged in, as this can be extremely dangerous. It is best to leave any electrical repairs to the appliance repair service.

If you are encountering any of the previously stated problems with your electric oven, it is crucial to refrain from attempting to solve the issue on your own. Rather, reach out to the professionals at Chula Vista Appliance Repair. Our team possesses the necessary expertise and knowledge to tackle any electrical issue with your oven, involving matters of continuity, resistance, blown fuses, and damaged heating elements. We are equipped with the appropriate tools, such as multimeters, to quickly and safely diagnose and resolve any problems. So, make sure to schedule a visit from our Appliance Repair Service to restore your electric oven to proper working order.


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