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The microwave oven turns off by itself

In the process of using a microwave oven, there are often cases when it starts to behave strangely. For example, the microwave can turn off by itself, and after a few minutes start again.   This is a fairly common problem when using such equipment, so do not rush to throw away your assistant. In […]


What to do if the refrigerator freezes?

The main task of any refrigeration equipment is to cool food while maintaining its freshness and nutrients. However, if the refrigerator suddenly starts to freeze hard, the consequences will be unpleasant. From a strong drop in temperature, the products will simply freeze and become unusable.   The normal temperature in the chamber should be no […]


Why does the refrigerator not turn off?

Approximately once every 20 minutes, the compressor of any refrigerator model should turn off. If this does not happen and its operation mode is disturbed, then this indicates that there are problems in your unit. The cause of such a breakdown is easy to find out, and some of them can be eliminated independently.   […]


Ways to quickly clean the oven

The oven is an integral part of the kitchen stove. This is a good household appliance, but using it, every housewife faces such a problem as cleaning the oven. This problem is very common and it can not be avoided. But, for some reason, cleaning the oven is always postponed “for later”. And this “later” […]


What is the danger of overloading the washing machine?

Each washing machine has a maximum allowable load of laundry. This is all indicated by the manufacturer on the body of the device and is also duplicated in the instructions for the device. Guided by this parameter, housewives buy a washing machine at home. There is an opinion that the more the washing machine holds, […]


Problems in the operation of the dishwasher

Any household appliance has its own limited lifespan, no matter how much it costs and what manufacturer it is.  Of course, many household appliances can work much longer than the manufacturer indicates. The same situation is with dishwashers. Although, to tell the truth, nothing lasts forever, and the dishwasher can fail in its work. There […]


Common breakdowns of Bosch dishwashers

The German company Bosch is one of the highest quality on the market, but no one is perfect, so we have prepared for you a list of the most common breakdowns.   Can’t get any water in If the German brand dishwasher refuses to draw water, the problem may lie in the circulation pump or […]


How to understand why the refrigerator does not turn off?

To recognize in time, why the refrigerator does not switch off, is to keep from breakage the motor, which is not calculated at all for constant work without rest. And to other units of refrigerators, such overloads are not useful at all.    Therefore, if you faced such a problem, as continuous refrigerator work, begin […]


The electric stove won’t turn on

If one day the electric stove simply does not turn on, the first thing you should check is the availability of electricity in the room. Only if the result is positive, you should think about the causes of the problems and order the repair of electric stoves in Chula Vista from professionals.   Verify that […]


The washing machine does not turn on

Ordering the repair of washing machines, people often indicate the reason “just does not turn on. But this “diagnosis” allows only to narrow down the list of possible faults. To carry out a complete diagnosis will have to in any case. Only in this way, it will be possible to identify the real cause of […]

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