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Faced with the need to clean the drum, the question becomes. What’s the best way to clean my washing machine drum?   


How do I clean the drum of my washing machine with a household detergent? 


When it comes to how to clean the drum from limescale and other dirt, you should not rely solely on folk remedies. Sometimes it is better to pay attention to the already prepared solutions of household chemicals, rather than mixing all kinds of solutions of water and soda or vinegar, not to worry about the amount of citric acid poured into the drum.


The benefit of a variety of washing machine drum cleaners is that all the ingredients regarding their quantity and quality are provided by the manufacturer. All we have to do is follow the simple instructions that come with the product. Sometimes the result of cleaning the drum with household chemicals can be much more effective than folk remedies.


What else should I clean along with the drum? 


The drum is not the only element of your washing machine that requires preventive cleaning. There are other items to be cleaned and washed at the same time.


  1. the heating element of the washing machine is another element where limescale can collect. A clean heating element is essential for a long and efficient washing machine, so together with the drum, you should also pay attention to the heating element.


  1. The cuff – moisture can collect on it and, over time, mold and fungus can form. This not only causes unpleasant odors but can also be harmful to your health. The seal must be wiped dry after each wash.


  1. The drain filter – we often forget about it, but it should be cleaned after each wash cycle, as recommended by washing machine manufacturers.


  1. Powder cuvette – rinse aid and powder can build up deposits and an unpleasant smell over time. Therefore, the powder cuvette also needs to be rinsed periodically under running water.


Preventive maintenance of the washing machine in the form of descaling the drum must be carried out regularly. This prolongs the life of the washer-dryer and prevents premature breakdowns and even unpleasant odors, which can be difficult to get rid of later on.


In this case, it doesn’t really matter which cleaning method to use. Traditional remedies such as citric acid, baking soda, or vinegar can be used. Or you can resort to more modern solutions in the form of household chemicals.


It is also worth noting that some washing machine manufacturers provide a special automatic drum cleaning program, which also proves useful.


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