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Proper arrangement of furniture and appliances in the kitchen determines not only the overall appearance of the room but also helps to make rational use of usable space. This is especially true for small apartments. Residents often wonder how to build a refrigerator in the cabinet, if the square footage is very limited, or if the unit does not involve its placement in the niche. The best option is to buy a built-in model. But if this option is not suitable or you have already bought a regular refrigerator, you can find a lot of solutions to create a harmonious interior without installing special equipment.


Is it possible to build an ordinary refrigerator into a cabinet?


In the market of refrigeration equipment there are two types of units:


  1. Built into the furniture set.
  2. Freestanding models.


Both of these and other refrigerators perform the same function – storage of perishable foods. But there is a huge difference between these devices. It consists, first of all, of design features: in built-in refrigerators, the role of the door is performed by decorative panels or facades. Such a feature, coupled with a set of additional options and the popularity of the brand lead to an increase in the price of the household appliance at times. For those who have a limited budget or the type of design is not important, a great alternative is the free-standing models.


Regardless of what you choose, it’s important to consider a number of technical nuances associated with using a refrigerator.


Safety rules:


– There must be sufficient distance between the back of the cabinet and the unit’s heating elements. Ignoring the requirement can lead to negative consequences up as the ignition of the entire column and damage to the equipment.


– The legs of the unit should be used as supporting elements of the furniture module when installing a conventional refrigerator. The cabinet under this type of unit should be bottomless. In recessed types, the supports are usually removable, which avoids additional pressure on the bottom of the furniture structure.


– Place the refrigeration appliance away from the heating appliances. Thermal influence from the oven and the hob does not affect the work of the unit in the best way. It is worth understanding that the furniture cabinet body does not serve as a protection against the heat released.


Operating rules:


– Regular inspection of the back of the equipment is the key to longevity in operation. Untidy cobwebs, dust, and dirt on the condenser can lead to a breach of thermoregulation, as a consequence of the failure of the machine and even a fire.


– It is strictly forbidden to move the refrigerator, which is connected to the power supply, from its place, exposing the case to mechanical impact.


– It is not recommended to place pots with flowers, microwave ovens, boxes, and other inventory on the top (roof) of the appliance because of the additional load on the device, which can also lead to increased fire safety and incorrect operation of the climate appliance.


– The rejection of the magnets on the metal housing can increase the service life of the unit. This is due to the fact that boron and neodymium compounds in decorative magnetic elements are capable of causing the unit to fail. This is especially true for models with electric panels on the doors. If you really want to decorate the front of the unit, as an option, you can glue them to the front of the cabinet with double-sided tape.


Possible ideas: how to hide the refrigerator in the kitchen cabinet


Installing a freestanding refrigerator in the cabinet involves a number of difficulties. The problems are related to the lack of features that are available in recessed models. But they can also be minimized if you approach the selection of the entire column wisely:


– Ergonomics is solved by special invisible handles and battery-powered lights;

– Noiselessness is achieved by using soundproofing materials in the upholstery of the elements of the machine.


What you need to build a refrigerator into a cabinet


To install the refrigerator in the module of the furniture set, the following steps are necessary:


– Select the optimal size of the extension cord in order to make a rearrangement if desired in the future;

– Ensure that the power supply is easily accessible;

– Defrost the unit beforehand, if it has already been in operation. Remove any shipping materials from the new model;

– Carry out installation, inviting assistants or specialists in advance. For particularly heavy structures may need special equipment – a jack.


How to hide a refrigerator in the cabinet with your own hands


To build a freestanding refrigerator into the cabinet yourself, you will need more than just extra hands. A number of conditions must be met:


– The flooring is covered with a hard cloth to avoid mechanical damage to linoleum, laminate, or tiles;

– The use of construction straps will allow the appliance to be placed in its planned location;

– Dismantling the door will lighten the weight of the structure, and will eliminate scratches, dents, and other damage on its face.


Built-in refrigerator – a combination of aesthetics, comfort, and unity of design in the interior. If you do not have enough financial resources for a real built-in version, you can successfully place an ordinary freestanding model in the cabinet. Proper installation and safety precautions are two principles that will allow you to create an imitation of an expensive built-in technique that is no different from it in terms of functionality.


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