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Each manufacturer of such household appliances produces its own model of glass pallet. For efficient and uniform heating of food, the plate in the microwave should rotate with the lateral location of the wave generator (magnetron), which leads to a reduction in the size of the oven. The magnetron should be hidden in the microwave behind a partition. In this case, the waves are effectively distributed throughout the chamber, which ensures uniform heating of products due to the movement of water and fat molecules.


In order to transfer the torque to the plate, various drives are used in the microwave. The bottom of the plate must be suitable for such a drive. In addition, the plates may differ in size. You can choose the right size of the plate by measuring the diameter of the damaged part. If you lose the old plate, you can measure the radius from the drive to the front edge of the chamber from the inside.


The bottom of the plate has a track that serves to support the roller. As a rule, one manufacturer has the same size of roller ring for all varieties of its models. In the center of the plate can be a flat bottom or small protrusions.


The coupler is a so-called adapter that serves to transmit torque from the microwave motor to the plate. The protrusions on the plate can be both long and short, it all depends on the manufacturer of the microwave oven.


Unfortunately, no equipment can work forever, and a microwave is no exception, so, over time, plates for microwave ovens can be damaged.


Looking visually at the device, it may seem that all the plates are the same and there is no difference between them, but in fact, it is not so, each plate is unique and cannot be interchanged. At first glance, microwave plates are all round and glass and despite the visual similarity have many differences.


Differences in plates for microwave ovens:


– Diameter, agree with the fact that a plate with a diameter of 24.8 cm will not fit the device which is designed for a plate of 24.5 cm.


– Bottom relief.


That is why you should not choose a microwave plate at random, it is a waste of money. The least that can happen is that the plate simply will not fit the device, and the worst option is that the device may fail. Therefore, you need to know how to choose a plate for the microwave:


  1. Brand of household appliance. For the correct selection, you should find the following device name and model number on the service sticker. This information will be useful when choosing a part when buying in the online store. If you pick up a plate in a regular store, you should take the old one with you.


  1. The diameter of the plate. If the plate is broken, then you should put the fragments and measure the diameter, if there is nothing to measure, then take the dimensions from the inner chamber of the appliance. It is worth measuring the distance from the center of the rear chamber, while not forgetting the freedom of rotation of the plate, which is about 10 – 15 mm.


  1. The relief of the bottom. The microwave plate differs from each other in the size of the bulges with which it is attached to the coupler. For example, in the LG microwave oven, the plate has a smooth bottom, but in the Samsung microwave, the bottom of the plate has a recess and three legs.




Microwaves have appeared in our everyday life for a long time, so when looking for a plate for a device that has been in your use for a long time, you may encounter the fact that plates are no longer made for it. What to do in this case? You can try to pick up the part exactly by taking the dimensions and choosing the fit on the cooker.


You can install in your oven a plate of smaller diameter, but not larger. But it is best to find a plate of the same size because when using a part of a smaller diameter, food can spill out on the body, which is why you will have to constantly clean not only the plate but also the microwave oven itself.


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