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Plaque and dirt on the seals are inevitable. Well, let it. It is enough to take and set aside 5 minutes for sloppy work to remove them.


How to clean rubber in a washing machine


Vinegar or citric acid, and baking soda help well. You will also need a napkin, cotton pads, a toothbrush, and dishwashing gel.


Cleaning is standard, only the substance changes. The vinegar option is one of the fastest. It is used to moisten rags and wipe the gum. After that, turn on the machine and start washing without clothes. In this way, the characteristic smell and vinegar residues are eliminated. You can use bleach instead.


Both methods are equally effective to remove mold in the washing machine on the eraser. Bleach gets rid of dirt faster, but with frequent use, it discolors and weakens the rubber. Vinegar takes several hours to remove mold, but it is completely harmless to rubber.


Citric acid is also effective. If it is in crystals, you need to fill the bag with the powder compartment. Dissolved with water, in a ratio of 1 to 5, is poured into the drum and includes a high-temperature rinse (within 203°F). After the procedure, the door is left open, and the fold of rubber is wiped with a napkin so that everything inside dries and moisture does not provoke the appearance of plaque and odor.


If you need to act locally and for sure, a toothbrush saves. It is enough to apply dishwashing gel or powder to the seal and brush it well from all sides. After that, be sure to turn on the idle washing mode for a short time.


Baking soda copes with complex cleaning of the seal and washing machine. You need to put it in the drum and run the wash at 194°F on idle. Then you can do it in two ways: wipe the cuff and drum dry or let them dry.


How to clean an eraser in a washing machine


Moisture on the seal is a harbinger of fungus and mold, and plaque and accumulation of dirt are its eternal companions. Because of them, things smell musty, so you can and should fight against every type of pollution. And here’s how it’s done.


Fungus and mold


Front-loading washing machines are more prone to mold and mildew. This happens due to the stagnation of water in the cavities of the rubber cuff. Or their appearance provokes frequent washing at a low temperature with abundant use of detergents. Cold water does not completely wash away the remains of washing powder and gel. Due to this, gel-like deposits appear and bacteria multiply.


To minimize the risk of fungus and mold, you need to periodically wash the detergent tray and the seal.


How to clean the rubber in the washing machine from mold:


– Pour 100 ml of bleach into the drum. It will destroy part of the plaque and clean the washing machine from the inside.

– Activate program where t from 140°F.

– Wash in the idle mode so that the washing power is focused on cleaning the device and not on the clothes.

– If the sealant is completely blackened from mold, it is more appropriate to replace it, rather than wash it. You will still not achieve the proper effect.

– To prevent mold and plaque, you can start washing with bleach or vinegar at least once a month.


Another option to wash the eraser:


It is important to quickly destroy the mold before it has eaten into the surface of the gum too deeply. Otherwise, in the end, it will lead to the destruction of the seal.




Particles of washing powder or gel leave a visible coating on the rubber seal. Some machine manufacturers recommend using a universal cleaning agent for household appliances. To prevent the formation of soap scum and scale, wipe the seal with a kitchen towel after each wash.


Unpleasant smell


Some think that the putrid smell is caused by bacteria lodged deep in the drum. In practice, it is different: the bad smell is caused by fungus and blackness.


A solution of vinegar and water in a ratio of 1 to 1 will help to get rid of it. The sealant is treated with it, waiting for 2-3 minutes. Then use a dishwashing sponge to scrub the surfaces and rinse.


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