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To permanently get rid of mold, you need to create the right conditions: washing in the hottest possible water, dry drum walls, and an acidic environment. You need to wash the machine with acid. After that, let it dry. You can wipe all the elements with a dry cloth. Detailed instructions on how to clean the washing machine:


– Select a washing program with a temperature of at least 95 degrees.

– Activate the longest cycle possible, such as 2 hours.

– Pour bleach and chlorine into the powder cuvette.

– When the water is hot, pause the washing process.

– Leave the washing machine in this state for a couple of hours.

– The active ingredients will need time to remove the mold.

– Continue washing.

– Wait for the end of the cycle.

– Add 2 cups of table vinegar to the detergent compartment, and activate the rinse mode.

– Open the hatch door, and wipe all parts of the washer with a dry cloth. Take out the dispenser tray.


It is strictly forbidden to add bleach and vinegar at the same time. The combination of these means will lead to negative consequences – the corrosion of fragile components, such as rubber seals. To finally get rid of mold, you need to carry out several such cleanings.


Prevention of mold in washing machines

Features of eliminating mold you know, but it is much easier to prevent its appearance. Recommendations for prevention:


– after each wash, wipe the rubber seal and the drum with a dry cloth;

– at regular intervals, remove the powder caddy to thoroughly wash and dry it;

– do not leave wet or barely damp laundry in the drum;

– at least once a month, use the maximum temperature wash program marked “boiling”;

– Try to use powders with bleach, which kills harmful microorganisms;

– Use “folk” means to clean the washing machine – vinegar, citric acid, baking soda. These substances have a positive effect. They kill fungus, and prevent the formation of limescale;

– Do not use conditioners too often;

– Regularly clean the drain system, filling filter, and hoses.


If you decide to use “folk” remedies. Then mix 100 ml of vinegar and 400 g of citric acid. Activate the washing program with a water temperature over 60 degrees.


Effective remedies against mold in the washing machine


To regularly maintain the machine, all that remains is to choose the right cleaning agent. We have already told in detail about the nature of the action of citric acid and vinegar. Now let’s talk about other ways to combat mold.



With its help, you can clean any surface of dirt and stains. The drum of the washing machine will be no exception. The advantage of baking soda is that it is in every kitchen. Therefore, you will not have to look for where there is a hardware store nearby.



Another common remedy with an extensive spectrum of action. Whitewash can damage some elements of the washing machine. Therefore, it is better to make on its basis a gentle solution:


– 1 liter of vinegar;

– 1 liter of whitewash.


Mix them in this proportion, then add them to the powder compartment, and start a long washing cycle.


Washing powder

Used as a preventative. The traditional powder includes bleach, which has all the properties to remove the fungus. If you are used to using liquid shampoos, and gels, then add a cheap powder for “idle” washing. There are also brand-name products provided by manufacturers such as Electrolux. 



The product is developed by a Japanese manufacturer. It is designed to counteract mold, plaque, and dirt. It is sold in bottles of 0.55 liters. This is enough to clean a machine with a maximum load capacity of 9 kg. 



It is also a Japanese detergent. Sold in tablets. It has a high level of effectiveness. Costs about half as much as Kaneyo.



A detergent for washing machines from a Dutch manufacturer. The volume of one package is 0.162 l. It is enough to clean a washing machine with a load of up to 7 kg. If your washing machine is more capacious, then it is worth buying several packs. Try to remove the fungus in a timely manner, without waiting for it to spread. Of course, professional chemicals are more effective than “folk” means.


Now you know how to clean the washing machine from mold. Effective remedies do exist, but their choice should be approached wisely.


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