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Dairy products are often stored on the upper shelves of the refrigerator, and fish and meat are kept on the lower ones. This is more expedient, because it is usually colder at the bottom, and the temperature varies between 3-7° C. The necessary coolness depends on the indicator set on the regulator of the unit. The article will talk about him.


Temperature regulation in a single-chamber refrigerator

The mechanical regulator (in the form of a wheel or disk) by turning it clockwise or counterclockwise sets the required temperature without detailed diagrams.


  1. Number 1 – high temperature.
  2. Numbers 6-7 are as low as possible.


The numerical value on the regulator scale does not correspond to the distributions of the thermometer. This is the serial number of the position. In each refrigerator model (either single-chamber or double-chamber), the manufacturer informs in the instructions about the ratio of temperature to the numbering of the regulator. Read those passport data.


The standard set temperature for the refrigerating chamber is from +3 to +5 degrees. The freezer is part of a complete mechanism. The temperature in it is not regulated. It is standard, within -18/-24°C.


You need to increase the cold in the refrigerator when:


  1. Products remain at room temperature during long-term storage
  2. An unpleasant smell appeared
  3. The back wall constantly “flows”


It is necessary to reduce the coolness in the refrigerator when:


  1. Freeze or dry up
  2. The compressor works without interruptions
  3. Electricity consumption has increased


Temperature regulation in a two-chamber refrigerator


Such a unit is characterized by functionally independent refrigerating and freezing chambers. One compressor is installed for two departments or each department. Accordingly, the temperature is regulated for the entire device or autonomously.


There are mechanical and electronic:


– Mechanical involves manual switching of levels from numbers 1 to 5 (each manufacturer specifies the number of divisions).


– The electronic mode of the installation maintains the most accurate set temperature. To change it, you need to press a button or a key on the display. Each press increases or decreases by one degree.


Three factors are noted that affect temperature regulation.


  1. The hotter the room, the higher the number on the regulator will have to be.
  2. The frequency with which the door is opened – with each opening, the cold mixes with the warm air of the room. In the refrigerating chamber, the temperature balance is disturbed for an optimal microclimate.
  3. Place of installation – it is not desirable to install near heat sources, for example, heating radiators. This will lead to excessive consumption of electricity due to more intensive operation of the compressor.


A refrigerator for proper functioning is ⅔ of the total volume of the camera.


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