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Microwaves differ in price, brand, power consumption, and size. But the main selection criterion is the principle of operation. And there are nuances in it.


The principle of operation of an inverter microwave oven


The name “inverter” is on the lips of many. Therefore, we will understand the features of such devices, to find out how the inverter microwave works. The main difference from the classic model is the presence of the same inverter that changes direct current to alternating current with a continuous supply. This means that the device starts working at maximum power, gradually reducing it to the minimum.


The inverter supplies current to the magnetron, which emits electromagnetic waves into the furnace chamber through waveguides. All foods contain a certain amount of water. This is the basis of the heating principle in inverter models. High-frequency radiation (2450 GHz) affects water molecules, which begin to move actively. In the process of their friction, a greenhouse effect occurs. The more molecules there are, the stronger the heating.


Most likely, you have come across the fact that the food inside is heated better than the outside. This is due to the fact that there is more food in the center of the plate than at the edges, which means more water. Another example: when you heat up a pizza, the edges will be less hot because of the dry crust. There is practically no moisture in it, so the thermal effect will not be as intense.


When a microwave with an inverter is operating, it is not the plate holder that rotates, but the magnetron itself. It can be located on the side, top, and bottom. The radiation flux is reflected from the walls, hitting the food from all sides.


Advantages of the inverter microwave oven


What is an inverter microwave oven and its mechanism – we figured it out. And what is the peculiarity and why it is so recommended – the arguments are below.


The inverter is lighter than the transformer used in simple microwave variations. Its size allows you to create smaller devices with a larger chamber, for example, in the LG NeoChef Smart Inverter MH6595GIH. Its volume is 25 liters.


Other advantages of the technology are as follows:


  1. a gradual decrease in microwave power does not allow food to overheat and burn;
  2. the structure of molecules remains unchanged;
  3. products retain 30% more external qualities, taste, and nutrients than classical appliances;
  4. tasks are completed 2 times faster;
  5. 28% of electricity is saved due to the change in power;
  6. the food retains a sufficient amount of moisture, so overdrying of dishes is excluded;
  7. the quick defrost function will save 2 times more time compared to conventional microwave, and the process is gentle, and gradual, which has a beneficial effect on the condition and appearance of the product;
  8. noiselessness;
  9. it is possible to adjust the current strength;
  10. food is heated evenly.


The only drawback of the inverter oven is the cost, which is higher than that of simpler devices.


To test the effect of two types of microwaves on food, you can bake an apple. In an inverter oven, it will retain its shape, while in a simple one, it will slightly shrivel. Using the example of fish, you can see how much liquid each radiation takes away.


The principle of operation of a conventional microwave oven


In a simple microwave, such as the Panasonic NN-SD38HSZPE, the magnetron is the main component, and it is to it that the transformer delivers the radiation. It enters the chamber intermittently with the same maximum current strength. At the end of the heating cycle, the intervals of microwave impacts are reduced, and the pauses between them are increased.


The heating principle, which heats the water in the food, remains unchanged. Only the “shock” mechanism, which involves the impact of a current with constant maximum power, damages the molecular composition of foods more severely. Therefore, they can change their appearance, dry out or overheat, not to mention their taste.


The electromagnetic waves enter the chamber at the same angle, reflecting from the internal surfaces onto the plate. The base under the plate rotates, so the food is also heated evenly.


Do not turn on the microwave without placing food in it or putting a small amount of it in it. In this case, the electromagnetic waves will not have anything to absorb into. This can cause sparks that can damage the magnetron. To avoid this, you need to put in an additional container with plain water.


Advantages of a conventional microwave oven


The issue of the allegedly dangerous radiation of microwaves has always been relevant. Often people, fearing for their health, denied themselves the pleasure of using this device. To protect their customers, manufacturers have created special nets and improved the protection of the case.


In this way, they ensured that the radiation from the switched-on device spreads no further than 20 centimeters.


You can also find variations with touch-button controls on the market.


A conventional microwave has several advantages that are already familiar to many:


– modern versions of microwave ovens have additional useful functions: a steamer, grill, and others, as in the Samsung MG23K3575AS/BW. They expand the range of use of the device;

– small size, so the oven does not take up much space, so it is easy to find where to put it;

– ease of use lies in the automation of work. For example, time and power settings are already built into the pre-installed programs. You do not need to spend time selecting each parameter;

– some cooking modes can be added to the software, which can be used to prepare certain dishes;

– quick cooking or reheating of food will save you time without distracting you from your work;

– food does not need to be stirred or oil added – it will not burn, as it can happen in a frying pan;

– child protection is a useful option that consists in blocking the control menu or the door;

– an audible alarm will not allow you to miss the end of the program. In some models, it can be temporarily disabled so that, for example, you don’t wake up a child.


The cost of microwaves without inverter technology is lower, so you can choose an option for almost any financial capability.


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