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Signs of the need to charge your refrigerator


If the refrigeration equipment no longer maintains a cold temperature, you can safely make the assumption that it needs more refrigerant. However, you may be mistaken because, as mentioned earlier, freon is pressurized inside a closed system. If there are no problems in the system in the form of any damage, there should be no freon leaks.


It is more likely to get warm inside the chamber if one or more components of the system have failed. For example, the cause is often a thermostat or condenser malfunction. It also happens because of electrical problems. By following the troubleshooting steps listed below, you will know that such refrigeration conditions are due to a refrigerant leak or a problem with another component. 


The main signs of a problem are as follows:


The food in the refrigerator compartment seems warm


At any time of the day or night, you can get a cool drink or chilled food out of the refrigerator. But if the equipment has a freon leak, you’ll find that the unit is no longer able to perform its functions properly. All of this causes consequences such as the fact that food is no longer cooled properly. Because of the lack of quality cooling, food spoils quickly. Before this happens, check the appliances as soon as you notice that food and drinks are not cooling. After that, fix the problem as soon as possible.


The motor is constantly running


When the temperature in the refrigerator rises, the compressor and condenser start working harder to thus lower the temperature to the desired level. If there is a leak, the motor is forced to run continuously so that the lack of refrigerant can be compensated for. This puts the equipment under excessive strain, leading to more serious and costly breakdowns.


Increased electricity bills


Increased electric bills indicate a problem. As freon leaks, it forces the refrigeration motor to run uninterrupted. As the refrigerator increases the energy required to run, it begins to consume more and more energy. This causes your energy bills to increase. If you’ve noticed that your electricity bills are increasing for an unexplained reason, check your refrigerator for malfunctions.


Weird smells from your refrigerator


Freon and other refrigerants have a slightly musty smell, especially if your refrigeration equipment is in an enclosed space. The first assumption you’ll have is probably that something has gone bad in your refrigerator. But if you can’t trace what exactly is the source of the strange smell, then try checking the equipment for a refrigerant leak. Few people are familiar with the smell of Freon, but that strange musty smell could actually be the result of a leak.


The Unexplained Sickness.


Freon inhalation poses some health risks, and if you’ve been exposed to this gas for a long time, it won’t take long for symptoms to appear. The signs of Freon poisoning are nausea, headaches, fainting, and other symptoms. If you feel worse and you don’t know why it’s worth considering whether you’ve been exposed to Freon.


Freon especially causes problems in people with a history of heart disease. Very high concentrations can cause palpitations and arrhythmias. Fortunately, exposure to Freon does not have serious long-term health consequences because it is known not to accumulate in the body, causing organ damage or acting as a carcinogen. Nevertheless, there’s no point in suffering unnecessarily so if you’re feeling ill and suspect a Freon leak, check your refrigerator.


If you are experiencing problems with your refrigeration equipment and suspect you have a freon leak, then Chula Vista Appliance Repair Company is the only company to rely on. A professional with experience will provide a long-term solution. Be sure to contact a service professional for all your refrigerator repair needs.


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