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Inverter-type washing machine belongs to the category of modern household appliances. Its main feature is the inverter motor. The native land of this invention is South Korea. Since its appearance on the market, the popularity of such equipment is only increasing. The first thing the manager of any showroom will advise you is the inverter model. Today they are produced by several well-known companies (Panasonic, Samsung, Bosch). What is an inverter washing machine? Let’s try to orient ourselves in this review.


Principle of Operation


The key difference between the inverter motor and the collector motor is the type of drive (in the inverter it is direct, in the collector – belt). Also, such a motor does not assume the placement of brushes.


Achieving the desired current frequency is due to the fact that the design solution includes such a component as a frequency converter. It is this element that allows the most precise control over the speed of the washing drum.


The principle of operation is based on inverting the electric current. The speed of the motor is controlled by the inverter. The transformation of the voltage is performed immediately, and only then occurs its arrival at the stator. Thanks to this moment, the user has the possibility of meticulous control of the entire course of the washing. And the absence of brushes allows the machine to spin at high speeds.


It is possible to set the desired program by applying mechanical or electronic control. In other words, using mechanical regulators (buttons in the more advanced variation) or a single start button. Models with pushbuttons are considered more durable. But it is much more convenient to use electronic equipment. It will do everything herself: weigh the laundry, and determine how long it takes to wash it.




A washing machine with an inverter motor has the following advantages:


– longer operating time (it is not necessary to periodically replace the brushes of the motor);

– smooth operation of the motor and prevention of wear (due to the absence of rubbing brushes);

– Improved washing quality (due to the minimum number of vibrations produced by the machine, the clothes are distributed more evenly inside the drum and are cleaned more thoroughly);

– economy due to lower electricity costs;

high speed of rotation in spin mode;

– silent operation (achieved, again, due to the absence of contacting elements);

– precise maintenance of all the set parameters;

– The best efficiency among colleagues;

– one-step access to the necessary speed and its support;

– smooth start (reduces engine wear and tear);

– gives almost dry things at the output because of the high speed (up to 2 thousand rpm).


At the expense of the modified constructive decision and insignificant roll of a drum, there was a possibility of considerable water saving. Maybe for some people, 10% is not a significant figure, but for those who actively use the device it will be a convincing argument. The washing drum with the inverter variety of motors, among other things, contributes to the convenience of loading and unloading clothes.




Before buying this or that device for washing requires with all due care to study not only its advantages but also its imperfections. The disadvantages of the inverter appliance include:


– Sensitivity of the motor to voltage interruptions;

– the high cost of repair;

– the higher price.


Inverter motor in a washing machine: what is it


Inverter or as it is also called a frequency converter – this is what distinguishes the inverter motor and other types of motors. This part regulates the speed at which the drum rotates and the number of its revolutions. It is also what converts the direct current into alternating current.


There is nothing complicated in the structure of the inverter-type motor. Its main elements are:


  1. The fixed part. It has several coils. It is fixed to the plastic tank.
  2. Movable part. Represented by the flywheel, inside which are placed the magnets, and in the middle is provided a conductor-insert made of plastic (it excludes the possibility of the magnetic field impact on the drum).


The speed at which the motor rotates determines the voltage. It is first converted by the inverter, then transferred to the stator. According to the manufacturing companies, the service life of the inverter motor is 15 years.


Inverter drive in a washing machine: what is it


When selecting a machine for washing, it is also required to look at the type of drive. Recall, it can be of the belt type or direct inverter type. The latter variation is more modern. The connection of the drum and the motor led to an improvement in the work of the washing device, as the whole system acquired dynamic equilibrium. It was given the name Direct Drive or inverter motor with direct drive.


On sale, there are quite a few devices with such a drive. Mostly they are from LG. And Samsung has released a few devices. There is a similar technique in one or two other manufacturers and that’s it. Due to the fact that direct drive was introduced in household washing machines, the control of the pace, directionality of rotation, and accuracy of drum movement have improved.


Help! The fixation of the motor and the drum of the appliance on a common axis can reduce noise and vibration. And with the direct drive, the mechanical load and wear of the individual links are significantly reduced.


Noise level and power consumption


Not all consumers pay attention to the value of the noise level when choosing a washing machine. But there are people for whom this parameter is very important. After all, children can be frightened by the sounds produced by the technique. In addition, the hum can negatively affect children’s sleep. Therefore, every year there are more and more fans of inverter models that work almost silently.


Reference! In reality, the source of unpleasant sounds accompanying the operation of the washing machine is not the engine. The noise is produced by the working pump and rotating drum (especially when the spin mode is set). The inverter-type motor operates almost silently but may produce a certain hum.


Another factor that attracts consumers is the energy savings. According to the statistics, it can be up to 20%. The manufacturers of inverter washing machines have equipped them with an automatic shutdown option. This feature also allows you to reduce electricity costs. Since brushless motors are used, the spin speed is quite high and the clothes housewives take out almost dry.


In addition to the parameters of the device itself and design subtleties, there is also the specificity of use. The inverter technique should be placed only on flat surfaces – any inclination is prohibited. Powder or other laundry detergent is allowed to use only with the label “automatic”. As with any appliance, you must give it some time to rest, and not turn on immediately after washing. It is better to wait two hours before restarting.


Before you go to the store for an inverter appliance, you should carefully study all the technical parameters, as well as assess the advantages and disadvantages of such equipment. Some advantages may be unimportant for you. Therefore it is necessary to determine for yourself whether it is necessary to chase after an innovative novelty. Or maybe it is better to stop at a regular machine.


It should be remembered that the model with an inverter motor – is not a guarantee of higher washing quality. If you have plans to buy a washing machine – do not focus only on the presence of an induction motor. It is desirable to consider the main indicators of work, comfort in the application of software and modes, and let the inverter motor be a nice bonus.


If you’re not sure where to start when your washing machine isn’t working, it’s best to call a professional. After all, without the proper experience, it’s hard to disassemble and reassemble a washing machine. Chula Vista Appliance Repair Company is here to help with all types of washing machine repairs in and around San Diego County. Our team of experts is well-prepared with all the tools and parts needed to get the job done. We offer high-quality replacements with warranties so you can trust that your machine will be in perfect working condition for a long time.


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