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Most modern ovens are multi-functional appliances. One of the useful functions is convection, which makes your cooked food much tastier. So what is oven convection and how does it work?


Uniform temperature distribution in the oven with the help of a fan is called convection. Natural airflow has a major impact on cooking. Uneven baking may occur, and the bottom may burn. And the top will only be 50% cooked. This mode equalizes the temperature throughout the oven. It creates a constant air movement which improves the taste of the food.


Some housewives believe that this function can be replaced by manually adjusting the temperature and properly setting the time to bake delicious pies. However, users of ovens that have this mode disagree with this opinion. This addition makes cooking much easier and gives it a unique taste.


Types of convection


There are two types of convection in modern ovens:


– free convection;

– forced convection.


In the first method, there is a natural movement of airflow, due to the unequal density of oxygen that varies during heating. Forced refers to the use of external forces that force the air mass into a certain area. Ovens with this feature bake bread beautifully.


Manufacturers today produce ovens that have a moist air mode. These products have a steam generator and special reservoirs for water on one of the walls of the oven. The hot steam blows over the food and the food becomes juicier.


Thanks to convection, it is possible to reduce the amount of oil, without losing the taste of the food. Elite models are available with a humidity level regulator. Steam is selected according to the intensity (25-100%).


The properties of humid steam are equivalent to a steam cooker. People need to keep a diet. The steam is supplied automatically. If you wish, you can use the manual mode to direct the airflow to the desired location, as well as to steam the inside of the oven.


What convectors are available


Engineers and technologists of leading companies that make ovens are constantly improving their products. They install the most advanced equipment on them. These systems are divided into several types:


– electric;

– gas;

– built-in;

– stationary;

– working together with the hob;

– self-contained.


Reference! For a small kitchen, where it is impossible to install a large oven, there are special mini ovens that have a convector. They are very similar to miniature microwaves.


The principle of convection


More than 20 years ago, ovens were equipped with burners, and shelves with trays. Bottom heating was used. The natural airflow produced pies with a beautiful crust. Unfortunately, due to the uneven temperature, the back part of the pie would start to burn and the front part, near the door, would require continuing the process.


To remedy the situation, I had to take out the tray and shift the dish to equalize the heat. But it is not always possible to perform such operations. For example, baking. The biscuit will not be puffy, the meringue will disappear delicate foam, which creates a unique texture.


You can, of course, use a modern model that does not have this mode, in which there are 2-3 heating elements all around. However, it will be very difficult to get uniform cooking. Just natural convection is carried out by the slow movement of air. It is influenced by various external factors.


For example, if the baking tray is very wide, due to the lack of gaps air circulation from bottom to top will be impaired. As a consequence, the formation of browning will not occur, and the bottom may begin to stick. The problem can be solved by forced convection, which greatly simplifies cooking.


The convection icon is displayed on the control panel. The picture shows a fan with an arrow indicating the surfaces to be heated. The housewife can select any heat:


– bottom;

– from above;

– all-round.


Do we need convection in the oven?


To cook a variety of dishes, it is better to use an oven that has such a mode. This function will allow getting dried fruits, and dry useful herbs. Using the cold blast, you can defrost food from the freezer.


The mode allows you to cook several dishes at the same time. To do this, you need to have the trays arranged in several layers. The products will not burn, they will bake evenly. In order not to increase the gas and electricity bills, this mode should be used only in special cases:


– You need to get a crispy crust;

– It is necessary to remove the liquid from the product;

– to better bake the bird carcass,

– to get a browned pie.


Good to know! To avoid mixing smells in the process of cooking, professional chefs recommend using convection. This mode allows you to simultaneously cook meat dishes and delicious pies but on different trays. Heating the oven will be much faster, reducing the cooking time.


Convection mode in the oven can be combined with other heating functions available in the technique. It is possible to select the ideal mode for cooking a particular dish.


Any housewife who uses a mode of convection always cooks very quickly delicious dishes. If you decide to buy a new oven, choose one with this option. It will come in handy, this mode will make cooking much easier.


But there are times when your oven starts to malfunction. Will you be able to find the breakage on your own or at some stage of the search call the master – it is up to you to decide. We will only note that in the absence of experience in the disassembly and assembly of the oven, it is better to limit the external examination and search for simple damages, and then call our master. Chula Vista Appliance Repair Company is happy to offer efficient oven repair services in and around San Diego County. Our team of experts is well-equipped and ready to handle all types of oven repairs, no matter how complicated. We strive to provide superior repairs using only high-quality replacement parts backed by the manufacturer’s warranty, so you can rely on an oven repair technician to fix the problem and keep your oven working properly for a long time.


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