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How loud your refrigerator is is an indication of how well it works and how well it performs. But what noise level is considered acceptable for this unit and when is it considered to be too loud?


If you follow the standards defined in GOST, the noise level produced by this unit within the norm should not be higher than 53 dB. This indicator is divided into 3 types:


– From 25 to 34 dB – low;

– 35 to 44 dB – average;

– From 45 dB and above – high.


What does the noise level of your refrigerator depend on


The noise of your refrigerator can be related to the operation of the following parts:


– Compressor – responsible for creating and maintaining a certain temperature regime in the chambers. While working, it makes contact with the rest of the system, creating a vibration or hum.


– Refrigerant – moving through the pipes, it is able to produce sounds similar to a gurgle or murmur.


– Relay – it makes a clicking sound when it is turned on or off.


– The fan is responsible for blowing the airflow through the chambers and is able to make a certain noise and humming during operation.


If the appliance is equipped with two compressors, it will make more noise than a single compressor model.


Which fridge is the quietest


The silent refrigerator is considered a refrigerator that produces noise of no more than 40 dB during its operation. Techniques that work with a lower level of noise can be found very rarely. The quietest models are considered those with static or combined cooling systems. Such equipment is capable of self-defrosting, which does not require human intervention. As a rule, the name of such refrigerator has a combination of words “Smart Frost”, “No Frost”, etc.


Which fridge model is better?


Among the variety of refrigerators submitted by manufacturers today you can choose several models that work most quietly:


– Bosch KGS39XW20 – an appliance of high build quality, that makes noise within 40 dB.


– LG GA-B489 YVQZ – an appliance manufactured in South Korea, equipped with a linear compressor, thanks to which it works at 40 dB.


– Samsung RL-59 GYBMG – according to its manufacturers, makes noise at the level of 38 dB, in addition, it is equipped with a built-in device protection system against power surges.


– Electrolux ERN 29750 – the device is as quiet as possible, ideal for small rooms.


What you should pay special attention to when selecting a refrigerator


If it works properly it should emit no more than 44 dB noise. If the unit makes more noise, it can cause a certain amount of inconvenience to the occupants of the house. The noise levels are usually listed on the appliance datasheet. When choosing a refrigerator, it is worth paying special attention to this parameter, so that not to complain later that the new unit was too noisy.


How to reduce the noise level of your refrigerator


You can determine how much noise your refrigerator makes by using a noise meter. If you do not have it, use the services of a specialist, who will determine this figure for you. Of course, the service costs money, but its cost will be several times cheaper than buying a noise meter.


How to fix the problem yourself


To reduce the noise level, you can use the following methods:


– Level the floor under the appliance.

– Screw up the legs of the refrigerator so that it stands flat.

– Place dishes on its shelves at a small distance from each other.

– Cover all parts that may be noisy with special shields.

– Place vibration- and sound-absorbing material on the outside of the chamber.

– Install the refrigerator so that it does not come into contact with furniture or other appliances.

– You can also place your refrigerator on a rubberized material to reduce noise.


When expert help is needed


If even after all the actions performed noise still seems to you too strong, it makes sense to think about the malfunction or manufacturing defect of the device. In this case, only a qualified technician can help dispel doubts about the need for repair or replacement.


Whether you can find the breakdown on your own or at some stage of the search, calling a handyman is up to you. Not only that in the absence of experience disassembly and assembly of the refrigerator is better to limit the external examination and search for simple damage, and then call our master. Chula Vista Appliance Repair Company is proud to offer efficient refrigerator repair services in and around San Diego County. Our team of experts is well-equipped and ready to handle all types of refrigerator repairs, no matter how complicated they are. We strive to provide excellent repairs using only high-quality replacement parts backed by a manufacturer’s warranty, so you can rely on a refrigerator repair technician to fix the problem and make sure your refrigerator will work properly for a long time.


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