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This parameter is also regulated by international standards. It is marked according to a similar principle. Class A is the most powerful spin. It indicates that after washing less than 45% of moisture remains in the clothes. The logic is simple: the class, the drier the laundry. However, there is confusion in buyers’ heads when they learn that in addition to the spin class in the technical specifications of washing machines, its speed is also indicated.


As a rule, the device with high spin speed (from 1200 to 14000 rpm) belongs to class A. However, there are certain exceptions that should be taken into account. It is difficult to answer unequivocally which machine is better to buy. Therefore, consider the following aspects when choosing equipment:


– In miniature bathrooms, a bulky washing machine will not fit, so the problem is solved by purchasing a compact narrow, or low model. Small units are characterized by small tank sizes. The spin speed is also small. Compact machines correspond to class C;


– high spin power – from 1200 revolutions per minute is justified only in those cases where the loading volume of the device is not less than 7 kg. In all other cases, an indicator of 1000 rpm is enough;


– high spin speed becomes a catalyst of the fact that the laundry is crumpled and strongly crumpled. To smooth it out later is extremely difficult;


– bed linen and cotton clothing should be spinning at a speed of no more than 1000 rpm;


– spin delicate items can only be squeezed at speeds up to 400 turns per minute.


Therefore, it is not necessary to chase the maximum rates. Depend on how you plan to use the technique.


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