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Before you buy a new refrigerator, it is advisable to read the manufacturer’s recommendations. Some models equipped with the No Frost system are very noisy during the week. The reason for this is not a breakdown, but simply a violation of the rules of connection. It is recommended to let such units stand after transportation and installation in a new place. What does this mean? Before turning the unit on, the refrigerator should simply stand at rest for about 5-8 hours.


There are also some models in which a strong hum is accompanied by the process of ice freezing. This occurs only when the appliance is first turned on, but can also be repeated after it has completely defrosted. In others, such a problem may be accompanied by the period of adjusting to a new position.


For example, why does the LG refrigerator that has just been purchased hum? Most often, the owners immediately after installation choose an incorrect freezing mode (maximum value). Naturally, the new device, working at maximum, can make a loud sound. Also, provoking the hum can transport bolts or improper location.


Improper installation


The most common reason why a refrigerator starts humming is improper installation. As strange as it may sound, it is the violation of the recommendations in this matter that can even lead to problems in operation. Having installed the device in a new place, it is necessary to check the correctness of the vertical and horizontal positions. If there is even a slight misalignment, it will be reflected in the work of the compressor – there is an unpleasant noise. It is also important to check that the refrigerator stands stably on all four legs. If there is not enough support, there will be vibration and a loud hum. Most manufacturers use adjustable legs, with which it is easy to level the appliance. If there is no special construction device, you can make a plumb line yourself. To do this, you will need a thick thread and a weight. The latter is tied on one end, and the second is held in his hands. In this way, it is easy to check the correctness of the vertical position.


Lack of air


Why has the refrigerator started humming after a change of furniture or rearrangement? In the instructions, the manufacturer advises not to put the device tightly against the wall or other objects. It is obligatory to maintain a certain distance. If you violate this recommendation, then because of the lack of air the compressor begins to work at maximum and, as a consequence, there is a characteristic hum. This problem can occur with new equipment as well as with old. 


So, why does the refrigerator hum heavily? The condenser needs a constant supply of air during operation. If it begins to be lacking, the cooling process is disrupted, which leads to the loud operation of the unit. Excessive load provokes not only the appearance of an uncharacteristic hum but also other sounds – knock, vibration, clicks.


Fan malfunction


Why does the refrigerator hum, although it used to work quite quietly? This problem can occur in appliances with the No Frost system. There is a loud sound due to a fan malfunction. There is a hum, crackling, and rattling when switched on. It is most strongly felt in those models, in which two fans are installed. Each of them is separately responsible for cooling the freezer and refrigerator chambers.


This problem is quite serious. However, before contacting specialists, it is necessary to defrost the refrigerator. If this does not help, then you will have to take the device to the service center. There, a diagnosis will be carried out, and according to its results – the necessary repairs.


Whether you can find the breakdown on your own or at some stage of the search, calling a handyman is up to you. Not only that in the absence of experience disassembly and assembly of the refrigerator is better to limit the external examination and search for simple damage, and then call our master. Chula Vista Appliance Repair Company is proud to offer efficient refrigerator repair services in and around San Diego County. Our team of experts is well-equipped and ready to handle all types of refrigerator repairs, no matter how complicated they are. We strive to provide excellent repairs using only high-quality replacement parts backed by a manufacturer’s warranty, so you can rely on a refrigerator repair technician to fix the problem and make sure your refrigerator will work properly for a long time.


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