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One of the most important appliances in the kitchen is the refrigerator, which stores food. Not only old refrigerator models can make a loud noise, but even modern low-noise refrigerators make loud noises. Owners of such refrigerators beg the question, what is the reason for this noise, and how to get rid of it?

It should be said that absolutely any refrigerator hums, but in this article, we will talk about the loud noise, which causes considerable discomfort. Now the market offers silent refrigerators, which is a priori a false statement because according to the standard, the allowable volume from compressor operation is equal by noise level to the volume of human speech. If the refrigerating chamber is properly installed, it needs about 3-5 days to enter the normal operating mode, so to speak, to rock up. Also, the maximum noise level of each refrigerator is indicated in its manual. However, what should you do if a whole week has passed after buying your refrigerator and it is still very loud? There are many reasons for its occurrence: from minor to really serious.

Causes that cause the noise of the refrigerator


Compressor noise.

There is a chance that the rings or their pistons have worn down. Also, in this case, the refrigerator will run loudly and for a long time without shutting down. If this is the cause of the noise, the compressor motor will most likely need to be replaced.


The compressor sounds loud when it starts and when it stops working

Most likely the compressor shock absorbers have been loosened, so they have a very strong vibration, which increases the noise and is the source of the rattling. This cause can be solved by adjusting these very shock absorbers.


The unit makes a loud noise and rattles

A rather common phenomenon is the appearance of ice crust around the fan: during the operation, the fan with its blades is beating against this ice crust, which is why the rattle occurs. You should try to defrost the refrigerating chamber for 10-12 hours, and if the problem reappears after a while, you should check the evaporator heater or the tightness of the door. This problem is most often encountered with refrigerators with the No Frost system. If this problem is not solved in time, the further use of the faulty refrigerator will lead to the breakdown of the fan motor, so it will have to be replaced as well.


Improper placement of the refrigerator in the room

If the unit is in contact with other furniture, the vibration from the refrigerator will spill over to adjacent objects during operation. You should also adjust the feet so that the refrigerator is stable. Keep an eye on the order inside the fridge compartment, if the foods stored there are too close to the walls, then again, due to the vibration of the refrigerator itself, the dishes placed in it may knock against each other. It is also not recommended to make the fridge to work at full power, as it, firstly, causes loud noise and, secondly, due to this reason the important constituent parts of the fridge-freezer quickly lose their working qualities.


Loose shipping bolts.

They are needed to fix the compressor springs. If they are not removed, the refrigerator will be very noisy.


A noisy refrigerator that uses refrigerant

A strong noise for these models is normal. It occurs because the gas flows through the tubes at high speed.


If there is a freon leak, the refrigerator’s operation is also accompanied by excessive noise. It also happens in a situation where during the repair, the technician filled the refrigerant in excess.


Whether you can find the breakdown on your own or at some stage of the search, calling a handyman is up to you. Not only that in the absence of experience disassembly and assembly of the refrigerator is better to limit the external examination and search for simple damage, and then call our master. Chula Vista Appliance Repair Company is proud to offer efficient refrigerator repair services in and around San Diego County. Our team of experts is well-equipped and ready to handle all types of refrigerator repairs, no matter how complicated they are. We strive to provide excellent repairs using only high-quality replacement parts backed by a manufacturer’s warranty, so you can rely on a refrigerator repair technician to fix the problem and make sure your refrigerator will work properly for a long time.


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