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Have you noticed that your refrigerator is running loudly? It is important to know that this is not normal. Its noise should not vary in normal working order from new to actual operation. Let’s look at the possible situations where the appliance may cause abnormal noise.


Improper installation

Before claiming the poor quality of your newly purchased refrigerator, you need to make sure that you yourself have not violated the installation instructions. The fact is that in this appliance, surface curvature plays an important role. It must be level and the appliances are fitted with adjustable feet for this purpose. In answering the question of why a new fridge is noisy, it is worth opening the installation and operating instructions first. In any case, your refrigerator should be installed strictly according to the instructions, otherwise, the unit may make more than just loud noises. It will soon break down.


Throttle capillary tube blockage

Occasionally users are faced with a situation where the refrigerator cracks when it is running. This crackling noise is nothing more than the result of a large pressure differential at the connections and transitions from large to small radii. This loud noise is produced by the refrigerant circulating in the system. There is always a characteristic noise, but at some point, it becomes too loud. This condition indicates a blockage in the system.


This defect can be eliminated by carrying out the following steps:


– All the refrigerant must be drained from the system.

– Flush the system with nitrogen as there is always moisture in the compressed air.

– Remove the filter drier.

– Bleed again and install a new filter.

– Refill the system with freon according to the rules for this procedure.

– If the refrigerator is still noisy, open the connections at the transition points to see the problem and re-solder the system parts.


Fan malfunction

In Frost refrigerators, it is the fan that very often has problems. This is due to the fact that the motor runs very frequently, and it uses bearing grease for normal rotation of the impeller. Over time it loses its lubricating properties, which causes it to hum, crackle, and make other noises. With prolonged use in this way, it may soon seize up.


Problem with the shock absorbers

The refrigerator also starts working noisily after a certain period of service life due to wear and tear in the shock absorbers. In most cases, the dampers are rubber rings with a spring that absorbs the vibration generated by the motors. Such dampers are available under the fan and compressor. With the lapse of time, the rubber pads become stiff and the springs sometimes break. This malfunction is corrected as follows:


  1. Unplug the refrigerator and turn it around to access the compressor.
  2. Unscrew the nuts fixing the shock absorbers with a wrench or a 10-mm head.
  3. Remove the old shock absorbers and fit the new ones in place.
  4. Slide the nuts back into place. Remember to grease the threads with graphite or other lubricants so that they can be unscrewed at another time.


Similar manipulations are performed on the fan. All operations must be carried out carefully so as not to tear off the threaded connections.


Electrical circuit failures

Sometimes the refrigerator is noisy due to malfunctions in the electrical circuits. In particular, the crackling and hissing noise is caused by blown-up electrolytic capacitors, which in turn occurs when the power supply fails. It may also be a common element defect. To rectify the problem, the power supply board or the board must be repaired. A diagnosis is then required.


If you can’t fix the cause of the loud noises in your refrigerator yourself, you can always turn to the skilled technicians at Chula Vista Appliance Repair Company. We will fix the problem quickly and will give you a guarantee on our services.


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