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When is it necessary to drain the washing machine?

It is difficult to overestimate the role of washing machines in everyday life. Unfamiliar with fatigue units diligently perform some routine duties for the owners. Unfortunately, their mechanisms are characterized by periodic failures. Therefore, it is better to find out in advance how to drain the washing machine, so that in case of failure you […]


The level of water savings in dishwashers

Both the wash mode you choose and the model of the dishwasher depend on how much water it will consume. On average, it is from 10 to 13 liters per procedure as a whole. In contrast to handwashing, all water is used only for its intended purpose without any losses. During the process, the working […]


How to repair the sensor of the microwave oven

The amount of work depends directly on the type of microwave panel. In many brands, Daewoo or LG touch screen has to be changed in one unit with the entire panel. Therefore, the microwave is more often sent to the workshop. But even if you manage to remove the unit with the screen, it is […]


Why does not heat the microwave?

Power is supplied via a special cable to the filter board It has a choke, a fuse (usually rated at about 10A), connecting wires, etc. If the microwave turns on, then there are no problems with this circuit and everything is most likely working properly. Tip: try to avoid heating metal objects or containers with […]


The washing machine does not spin laundry or spins poorly

The wrong washing mode is selected in the washing machine You could have chosen a washing mode with a minimum number of spin rotations or even chosen a washing mode without spinning. Such modes are typical when using delicate washing. Check the settings of the selected washing mode or try to run the washing machine […]


What to do if the refrigerator makes a loud noise. The main causes and useful tips on how to eliminate noise

Why the refrigerator makes a lot of noise – you need to check the compressor The compressor is undoubtedly the main component of any refrigeration unit and is designed to freeze, cool, and circulate freon through the system. Malfunctions in its operation can be the cause of ice or frost in the refrigerator. But like […]

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