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The microwave oven control panel resembles a conventional computer with its nodes.

The main element of any computer is the processor. It is he who accepts all commands, processes them, and performs the appropriate operations. There is a similar element on the microwave control panel, only it is called a microcontroller. Compared to microprocessors, the controller is not as functional and can solve much fewer tasks.

The processor of any PC can function according to various programs that the user downloads. The furnace microcontroller is programmed only once, at the factory, and can perform only specifically assigned tasks. Due to the fact that such a microcontroller is universal, its use in household appliances can significantly reduce its cost. After all, the same type of microcontroller can be installed in different mechanisms, and change only the program.

A microcontroller is a digital integrated circuit, which has a CPU, that is, a device that processes data. The board also has ROM and RAM, in other words, an operational and permanent memory device. In order for the commands given by a person to be translated into a language understandable by the microcontroller, input devices (keyboards) were invented.

The keyboard is a mandatory element of any electronic device control panel. When we press the buttons, certain commands are sent to the input ports, which are transmitted to the CPU for processing. After the commands are processed, the output ports receive information and the corresponding command is executed. The input mechanisms also include BRU (multifunctional control knob), thanks to which you can set the operating time of the microwave oven, the weight of the products, etc.

The panel also has special sensors that send signals to the microcontroller. For example, a stove door opening sensor and a temperature sensor are present in any microwave oven model. And finally, the most important node of the electronic panel of the stove is its power supply. It is because of this element that 90% of problems appear.

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