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We can no longer imagine ourselves at home without a refrigerator or freezer. Therefore, when it breaks down, it can become quite a serious problem. But most of the problems require the assistance of a professional. What are the most common malfunctions of refrigerators and freezers, how to identify and fix them, we will answer this in this article.

If your refrigerator is equipped with No Frost technology, there should not be a layer of ice on the walls of the refrigerator. If this happens, you may be making minor operating mistakes. Frost forms as a result of increased condensation. This can happen if you open the refrigerator door too often, keep hot food in it, etc. To prevent condensation, we recommend to keep foods like fruits, vegetables or meat in a humidity-controlled drawer.
If this change in routine doesn’t help and the refrigerator continues to freeze, the seal may have worn out. A replacement should be suggested by the manufacturer depends on its model, and you can easily replace it yourself without calling a service center.

In the case of freezers, frost formation is more common for obvious reasons, but even in this case, you should not allow the layer of ice on the walls to go too far. There is no need to call a freezer repairman, you can do it yourself. We recommend to defrost your freezer at least once a year.

Why is your fridge leaking?

The cause of water underneath your refrigerator is most often condensed moisture. Water on the bottom of the refrigerator may indicate that the hole through which the condensate escapes from the refrigerator is clogged (this applies to refrigerators with No Frost technology). In this case, simply push the clogged hole with, for example, a knife.

Refrigerator does not light up

Replacing the lighting in your refrigerator or freezer in modern models is not that easy. The light bulbs that were used in the past models have been replaced by energy-saving LEDs with a longer lifespan. If your refrigerator goes dark when you open it, you need to replace the lighting panel. It is available as a replacement part for this type of refrigerator, and it is safest to have it replaced by an experienced service technician.

A main key to fix your appliance successfully and identify the faulty parts quickly without any wrong conclusions is a professional diagnostics.
Chula Vista Appliance Repair Company qualified experts will determine any problems and make sure the repairs performed will resolve the issues.

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