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Most of us have already forgotten how it feels to live without a microwave oven. But, nevertheless, many people want to know whether microwave is harmful to human health.

In order to better understand the impact of this device on food, you need to know how it works. The food that we put in the microwave is heat treated by microwaves with a frequency of 2450 MHz. After the microwaves penetrate into the food, they oscillate water molecules in them, so they heat up. Such molecules have negative and positive charges. The microwave magnetron, which generates microwaves, causes these molecules to move at high speed. Thanks to this molecular friction, the process of heating food takes place. During this procedure, the molecules can break or be significantly deformed. This deformation is called structural isomerism. Is such a breakdown of food molecules dangerous?

The opinions of scientists are very different. Some are sure that this process is harmful, while others believe quite the opposite. Some believe that microwave ovens are not much more harmful than televisions or refrigerators, and are not at all dangerous to users if they are fully functional and work with the doors tightly closed. This group of scientists believes that it is better to buy more expensive microwaves, as they have more reliable protection against radiation, and are not dangerous at all. Other scientists hold a completely opposite opinion, and maybe they are right. Studies have shown the effect of microwaves on the human body, which eats food from the microwave. It has been proven that eating foods that have been in the microwave significantly increases the number of white blood cells in the human body (lymphocytes), reduces hemoglobin, and changes cholesterol levels for the worse. Thus, the percentage of cancer cells in the blood significantly increases.

Undoubtedly, microwave ovens are dangerous for children. You can not heat milk formula in the microwave, as they become toxic.

Indeed, the question of the harmfulness of such mechanisms is very controversial. Each user must decide for himself whether he can do without such equipment or not.

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