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In the process of using a microwave oven, there are often cases when it starts to behave strangely. For example, the microwave can turn off by itself, and after a few minutes start again.


This is a fairly common problem when using such equipment, so do not rush to throw away your assistant. In some cases, this problem can be fixed very simply.


There may be several reasons for such a breakdown. As a rule, it can be the usual overheating of the equipment due to prolonged use of the microwave. In this case, the microwave temperature relay is turned off. This trouble can be eliminated by turning on the oven after 20 minutes. You just need to give the device time to rest, and when its body cools down, you can use it again.


When operating the microwave, pay attention to the power and time you choose. If these parameters are too large, the fan that is built into the device may not cope with the load and stop working.


In summer, the furnace may turn off on its own due to the high temperature in the room. This is especially true if several different dishes are being prepared on your stove at the same time. However, do not think that the microwave can overheat only in summer. If in winter all the doors and windows in the kitchen are tightly closed, of course, the temperature will rise, as a result of which the device may turn off.


Let us consider in more detail the breakdown of the microwave fan:


– The fan motor has stopped working. In this case, it must be replaced with a similar one.


– Faulty fan bearing. The problem can be solved by installing a new bearing.


– Defective blades. If one of the blades is broken off, you can try to glue it or completely replace the blades.


– Food gets between the starter and the rotor. In this case, you can not do without cleaning the fan. There are cases when a ball flies out of the bearing, then it must be put in its place.


Please note that it is very difficult to get to the stove fan without certain knowledge. In addition, self-repair often leads to a worsening of the situation. In order not to expose the equipment to such a risk, it is better to entrust the repair to an experienced master who will eliminate the breakdown in a short time.


¬†Whether you can find the breakdown yourself or call the master at some stage of the search is up to you. We only note that in the absence of experience in disassembling and assembling microwaves, it is better to limit yourself to external inspection and search for simple damage, and then call our master. Chula Vista Appliance Repair Company is pleased to offer efficient microwave repair services in and around San Diego County. Our team of experts is well equipped and ready to handle all types of microwave repairs, no matter how complex. We strive to provide superior repairs using only the highest quality parts backed by the manufacturer’s warranty, so you can rely on a microwave repair specialist to fix the problem and keep your machine working properly for a long time.


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