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In the normal mode, the appliance first draws in water, then the drum starts rotating evenly according to the set program. Only when the washing is complete does the appliance press the laundry against the drum walls and increase the revolutions to spin the items and get rid of the used water.


If in the middle of the washing process, the appliance suddenly revs up and starts spinning, it is not safe to use this appliance. The best solution is to temporarily stop using the appliance and call in a Chula Vista Appliance Repair Company. Or you can fix the problem yourself with the right knowledge and experience.


What does it take to repair a washing machine with an unscheduled spin?


The first task is to identify the fault. To identify the fault, it is necessary to drain the water, disconnect the appliance from the mains, unload the laundry, arm yourself with tools, and start looking for the problem.


The appliance usually malfunctions when the tachogenerator or control module is defective. It is these elements of the design that you need to pay attention to. In both cases, the repair of the washing machine has certain features, which we will discuss below.


Repair of washing machines if the tachogenerator is broken

This mechanism directly affects the speed of rotation. To assess its condition, you need to disconnect the tank and the motor, and then carry out a circuit test – from the tachogenerator to the motor connector. Often the problem is either a broken wire or loose contacts. In the second case, it is sufficient to seal the contacts and recheck the continuity of the circuit. If the tachogenerator has come away from the motor shaft, the part must be put back in place.


The deterioration of the magnet, which is part of the tachogenerator, may also be the cause of the washing machine’s need for repair. If damaged, it periodically loses its fixation, which leads to a malfunction of the appliance. The solution is simple, just attach the magnet to its intended location and fix it carefully there.


All work should be done after removing the motor. This will make the task much easier. If difficulties arise in disconnecting the tank and the motor, it is better to stop trying to repair it yourself and call in a technician. Improvisation is not permitted. Especially in the case of expensive models of domestic appliances.


Repair of washing machines if the control module is damaged

If the tachogenerator is functioning properly, the spin in the initial and middle stages of washing can be caused by a faulty control module. And we are not talking about the complete inoperability of the board, but about the breakdown of the triac. It is this device that is responsible for processing the impulses coming from the tachogenerator.


To carry out a diagnosis, you will need to remove the module (refer to the user manual for its exact location) and only then examine the triac. It is necessary to make sure that the contacts are not shorted (by means of a test run). If any irregularities are detected, the damaged elements will need to be unsoldered and new counterparts soldered in their place. Such repairs to washing machines must be carried out as carefully as possible, otherwise, there is a risk of damaging the board, which will lead to very serious financial costs.


The control module is diagnosed using multimeters or similar equipment. If such instruments are not available, you should contact a specialist dealer who has the appropriate equipment in their arsenal. The fault cannot be detected by eye or touch, despite the best of intentions. But the risk of damaging the circuit board will increase considerably.


To order washing machine repair at Chula Vista Appliance Repair Company, all you have to do is contact our managers and detail the fault. Then you will have to wait for the arrival of the master and wait for all the necessary work to be done.


By the way, the technicians usually put the machinery in order on the day of the call, and such an arrangement is another plus of contacting our organization.


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