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If water continues to be drawn in even when the level in the drum is higher than normal, you are experiencing the phenomenon of overflowing. Typically, the liquid is drawn in until a third or half of the tank is full, at which point it is emptied and the appliance stops working and generates an error.


An overflow does not cause flooding to the neighbors or your own flat, but it does make it impossible to carry out the washing program. Therefore, in the event of such a phenomenon, washing machine repair becomes an indispensable solution. It is extremely rare that the cause of the malfunction can be remedied by your own hand. The problem is usually caused by a broken part that can only be replaced by a professional technician.


How is the washing machine repaired if there is an overflow?

The first thing to do is carry out a diagnosis. It is important to find out why the appliance has malfunctioned. Most often the cause is one of the following phenomena:


Failure of the pressostat. Only replacement of this sensor will help. But the situation can also be simpler. For example, if the pressostat tube is dislodged, it needs to be carefully repaired. If it is clogged with dirt, clean it. Sometimes the cause is the limescale in the pressostat chamber. In this case, a simple cleaning will help.


Controller malfunction. Permanent software failures may occur, where there is no signal to interrupt the intake of liquid. Accordingly, an overflow occurs. Repair of washing machines in such a situation involves the need to replace the board.


Failure of the inlet valve. If this mechanism jams, the water comes continuously, which leads to the inability to complete the selected program. The problem can be solved by replacing the valve.


Overflowing can also be caused by a one-off failure of the electronic controller. In this case, it is sufficient to disconnect the machine from the power supply for 5-10 minutes and switch it on again. If the cause is the aforementioned malfunction, then after “reset” the machine will work normally.


How urgently do you need washing machine repair in case of overflow?

There is no hurry, but it should be understood that using the machine with such a malfunction is simply impossible. Therefore, to call a master will have to. And when you decide to call a specialist, then feel free to contact us.


Chula Vista Appliance Repair Company will complete the job on the spot as quickly as possible and ensure that your unit runs perfectly, with a guarantee of the results of the work carried out.


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