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Bosch refrigerators can be freely called the benchmark: they are distinguished by high quality, as well as durability. If used with care, the Bosch refrigerators in the main mass work uninterruptedly for dozens of years. But, alas, even they are not insured from breakages. According to the experience of Chula Vista Appliance Repair Company‘s technicians, the following malfunctions occur most often in Bosch dual-camera units.

Control board failure
The Control board (control module) is the command center of the fridge, which controls all the processes of work. Microcircuit board is sensitive to power surges: it is because of them the board fails most often.

Compressor motor malfunction
The compressor motor is responsible for pumping freon through the system, thanks to which the chambers are cooled. When the motor breaks down, which is most often associated with a broken winding, an inter-twist circuit, or a short circuit to the housing, the refrigerant does not circulate through the system, and the Bosch refrigerator does not freeze.

Fan failure in No Frost models
The fan in Bosch models with No Frost is responsible for circulating the cooled air in the refrigerator and freezer compartments. When it fails, the fan motor burns out, or the impeller breaks. Usually, this breakdown is associated with a malfunction in the defrosting system, when the evaporator and then the fan itself get trapped in ice.

Faulty defrost system in Bosch models with No Frost
In No-Frost refrigerators, the evaporator is located in the freezer compartment. It gets covered in frost when the refrigerator is in operation. When the evaporator temperature gets too low, the defrost heater located in the evaporator is activated by the defroster (defrost sensor) signal. The frost turns into water, and it escapes through a drain channel into a tub on the compressor.
Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for one or more parts of the defrost system to malfunction. Most often the defrost sensor, fuse, heater, or defrost timer burns out.

Thermostat failure (in Bosch models with electromechanical control)
The thermostat – is a node, which in electromechanical models of the refrigerator regulates the temperature in the chambers. It consists of the control mechanism and the temperature sensor. According to the signal from the thermostat, the motor turns on or off, and at the expense of this, the cooling is carried out. Thermostats fail because of long-term operation, moisture on the contacts, and voltage fluctuations.

The drainage system of a refrigerating chamber of the refrigerator Bosch with drip defrosting system clogs
In models with a drip defrost system, the evaporator is located behind the rear wall of the refrigerator compartment. During the compressor operation, the wall is covered with frost. In the moment of “rest”, the frost melts and trickles down into the drainage hole and flows out through the drainage pipe into the special reservoir on the compressor.

When the drain duct becomes clogged, the water does not pass into the tray and spills inside the refrigerator compartment. This is usually caused by small crumbs and other food debris getting into the drain. Because of the moisture, they “grow” mold and slime, the channel is clogged, and sometimes even freezes.

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