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The oven is an integral part of the kitchen stove. This is a good household appliance, but using it, every housewife faces such a problem as cleaning the oven. This problem is very common and it can not be avoided. But, for some reason, cleaning the oven is always postponed “for later”. And this “later” lasts a very long time. Although if you look, cleaning the internal and external parts and surfaces of the oven is not so difficult, in order to quickly clean the oven you need to know a few simple nuances.


The first assistants in cleaning the oven are cleaning and detergents. But, from their list, you need to immediately cross out metal and hard sponges. It seems that they should help you, but in fact, it will only get worse because metal scrapers and hard sponges leave micro scratches on the surface of the oven, which will eventually become clogged with grease and the oven will be more difficult to clean. Most of all, the use of metal scrapers is afraid of the enamel surface. It is also strictly forbidden to use cleaning or detergents that contain acid.


In the instructions for ovens, manufacturers write that you need to use only specially designed products for cleaning ovens. After all, they are designed in such a way that they clean the ovens well, but at the same time do not harm the surfaces of the appliance.


To clean the oven inside, it is best to use products designed to clean the oven and grill, and barbecue cleaning products may also be suitable. With the help of such products, you can easily clean the oven, even if a crust has already formed on its walls. You need to carefully read the instructions before contacting the detergent and spray it on the walls of the oven and on the stove door. After a little wait, you can wipe all the surfaces of the oven with a damp cloth. After the procedure, wash the oven well with clean water and wipe it dry.


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