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Each washing machine has a maximum allowable load of laundry. This is all indicated by the manufacturer on the body of the device and is also duplicated in the instructions for the device.

Guided by this parameter, housewives buy a washing machine at home. There is an opinion that the more the washing machine holds, the more practical and durable it is. But in fact, a lot more depends on how rationally and correctly


As a rule, no one weighs the laundry before washing, and of course, does not know exactly how much laundry was loaded into the drum of the washing machine. And since there are always a lot of things to do and there is no extra time for another wash, they stuff as much as possible into the washing machine. But the more often you do this, the worse the consequences will be:

– constant overloading of the washing machine will lead to strong vibration during spinning;

– the washing motor suffers, it heats up, because it needs more power, and it is not designed for such a load;

– if there is a lot of laundries, it is not washed properly or rinsed;

– the washing machine consumes more water and electricity.

Carefully read the instructions, because the manufacturer describes the maximum allowable weight. It is not worth the risk, because overheating of the motor can lead to a short circuit. And this can cause a dangerous fire.

Each washing program has its own specific amount of laundry for loading. You can load the machine at full capacity only when you wash cotton on the program. If we talk about other programs, then there you can download half of what is indicated in the instructions. It is very simple to explain this because for 15-30 minutes, for which the program is designed, the machine will not be able to wash a large amount of laundry.


When using the washing machine, try to follow all the rules prescribed by the manufacturer in the instructions. There are simple cases when trying not to overload the washing machine, they begin to wash two chiffon blouses, the weight of which does not reach 1 kilogram.

This decision is not correct. After all, a small amount of laundry during washing, also badly affects the operation of the device as a whole.

Water and electricity consumption will not decrease. The washing machine will take what it should according to the technical documentation.

Washing two blouses, the machine will vibrate and rumble strongly, because the drum is empty. And this negatively affects the bearing unit and the engine of the washing machine.

If there is not enough laundry in the washing machine, then it simply may not understand that it is loaded with laundry and the washing mode will be violated. In this case, the washing machine either does not go into rinse mode or does not spin the laundry well.

In this case, you should not panic, and you do not need to call the master, just load more laundry into the washer and start the washing program again.

If we consider this instruction for the household appliance, it states that for the correct operation of the washing machine, the minimum load of laundry should be 1.5 kg. Of course, this figure is averaged, because it all depends on the manufacturer and model of the washing machine. But, if you look at the instructions, you will find accurate information about your device. If you follow all the requirements of the instructions, your device will work, and its parts will not wear out so quickly.


Each washing machine is tested in production before it gets to the store window.

Scraps of heavy and dense fabrics are loaded into it to the maximum, after which the drum is half empty, although it is fully loaded by weight.

But, if we take it into practice, the greatest overload of the washing machine occurs due to frequent washing of a large amount of bed linen.

When loading laundry into the washing machine, you need to remember a few simple rules:

– when washing a down jacket, plaid, coat, throw in a couple of light things. For example, if you wash a down jacket alone, it will clump, but if you wash a couple of blouses with it, everything will be fine;

– do not fill the drum, as they say, “to the brim” – leave room for free rotation and spinning;

– underwear and everything small, it is best to wash in a special bag;

– try not to wash in the machine feathers, things with a long pile, in short, everything that can lead to contamination of the drain filter;

– when loading laundry into the tank of the machine, do not forget to check the contents of the pockets of trousers, shirts, jackets, and so on …

As you can see, there is nothing complicated, you just need to properly distribute and prepare things in advance before throwing them into the washing machine. And of course, do not exceed the permissible weight specified by the manufacturer in the technical documentation.

By following the instructions, you will extend the life of your washing machine! But if it so happened that you need to repair the washing machine, do not be upset. The masters of Chula Vista Appliance Repair Company will be happy to help you.


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