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You have started washing, but immediately after starting the program the drum began to rapidly gain speed, and then – the machine stopped. Probably, on the display, if there is one in your washing machine, a motor error is lit. When trying to run any other program, even just a rinse or spin, the situation repeats: the machine sharply picks up speed, and then stops.

Some users have the washing machine that still begins the cycle, but the washing is jerky: the drum rapidly spins, then slows down, again gathers speed sharply, and then stops again.

Even rarer is the situation when the washing and rinsing are performed normally, but the spinning starts jerking. The washing machine can not pick up speed, and things remain wet.

Whichever option is yours, it is obvious that the washing machine is not working properly. In this material, we will figure out why the washing machine picks up abruptly, and what you can do about it.

When you can cope with the problem yourself

Sometimes the washing machine begins to “glitch” because of a one-time failure of the control module. Contribute to this are surges in the voltage in the mains. To overload the circuit board, you need to turn off the washing machine for 10-15 minutes (pull the plug out of the socket). If after switching on again the problem disappeared, it was a single failure, and you have successfully coped with it. Call the master is not required.

Probable malfunctions requiring repair

If disconnecting from the power supply did not help, alas, we are talking about a breakdown. In the experience of Chula Vista Appliance Repair Company‘s handymen, more often than not, the washing machine will start abruptly if one of the following components is broken.

Control board failure
The control board is the “brain” of the washing machine. All washing programs are stored in it. Power surges on the board can burn out some radio elements, contacts, or tracks in the motor circuit. Often water on the board or high humidity in the room where the machine stands leads to damage to the node.

Breakdown of the control board is the most common reason why the washing machine quickly picks up speeds and spins the drum jerkily.

Tachometer malfunction
Tachometer – a node that reads the speed of rotation of the drum. It is installed on the shaft of the motor. Because of its failure, the machine receives incorrect data, and the rotation of the drum is jerky. Usually in this node, the coil burns out or the magnet unscrews.

Damaged wiring or contacts
Probably due to the vibrations during the operation of the machine wires frayed, loose, burned, or oxidized contacts in the circuit of the motor or tachometer. Especially the motor pad often suffers.
In the private sector, mice or rats can spoil the wiring.

If your washing machine began to pick up sharply and does not allow you to use it normally, it is time to seek help from professionals. Call or book now.

Chula Vista Appliance Repair Company technicians repair all brands of washing machines. We will come quickly on the day of the call. The technician will diagnose and determine the exact reason why the machine picks up sharply. Repair, if you agree, will be made immediately. When you need your washing machine repaired, come to Chula Vista Appliance Repair Company!

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