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When you find a loose drum, you should not despair. For this element of the system, the option of partial movement is quite normal. The drum can dangle on the spin or move in any direction. Panic only if the mentioned movements are complemented by excessive noise (especially in the spin), excessive shaking of the washing machine, or the appearance of oily liquid on the floor near the machine.


Also, changing the position of the drum in combination with the jamming of things, the appearance of smoke, and periodic knocking out of plugs when starting the machine is an alarming signal. In such situations, it is necessary to immediately contact a master who specializes in the service of the aforementioned equipment.


Breakdowns associated with unstable drum

There are many malfunctions associated with a dangling drum. They include:


Worn shock absorbers. With intensive use, the piston inside begins to move more freely, vibrations occur, and parts begin to come into contact. As a result, the washing machine shakes, and only the replacement of shock absorbers helps to correct the situation.


Wear bearings and oil seal. Loss of tightness leads to water ingress in the approaches approach to the subsequent destruction of these elements. At that noises and leaks appear, the drum dangles, and the other system components are gradually damaged. The consequences can only be prevented by replacing worn parts.


Destruction of the cross shaft. As a result of such damage, the drum simply falls to the bottom of the tank. Repair of washing machines, in this case, requires the replacement of the cross shaft. In some situations, the installation of new bearings and oil seals is additionally needed.


The loosening of the drum in the presence of the mentioned breakdowns is a severe threat to the equipment, and therefore calling a master to repair the washing machine becomes the only right decision.


How do determine the seriousness of the malfunction?


When in doubt you should reinsure yourself. The more so that the services of a specialist cost a small amount of money. Chula Vista Appliance Repair Company performs washing machine repairs on favorable terms for customers, and you can see it for yourself right now.


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