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You have habitually approached the refrigerator, perhaps opened it, and then noticed that the display does not light up as usual. Otherwise, the refrigerator works normally: the freezer freezes and the refrigerator compartment cools. In this article, we will try to find out what happened and why the screen doesn’t light up.

Possible faults requiring repair
Unfortunately, the failure of the control board is a rare case of a non-functioning display. Most often, the reason that the scoreboard does not light up, lies in the following breakdowns.

Frayed wires and cables.
The wires to the display go through the hinge of the door: that is where the loop is frayed most often.

Display board faulty
It receives signals from the control board and outputs them to the screen.
Most often, the cause of failure of the board is voltage spikes: because they burned out individual elements, tracks, or contacts.

Some of the LEDs on the display are faulty
For this reason, part of the screen is not illuminated, and not all symbols are visible on the display. The breakdown is most common for refrigerators with a service life of 5 years or more.

The control module is defective
Power does not come to the display board from the control module, because of burned-out tracks/contacts or burned-out individual radio elements on the control board.

If the electronic board of your refrigerator stopped working or the display shows only a part of the information, it is better not to hesitate with the repair and contact professionals. Call or book now.

A Chula Vista Appliance Repair Company technician will determine the exact cause of the broken screen and, if you agree, perform a qualified repair right in your home.

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