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Blockages are the most common causes of equipment malfunction. However, unlike external “plugs”, internal debris is much more difficult to deal with. It is formed into three main parts:

1. Behind the drain filter cover is the pump impeller. By removing the unit, it can be easily seen. The space around the elements should be inspected for the presence of foreign objects that interfere with or block the movement of the unit. The operation of the pump can be checked using the “spin” or “drain” modes. Or by mechanical impact.

2. Clogging of the nozzle is more difficult to remove. To do this, you will have to put the washing machine on the appropriate side (where the part is located). At the bottom of the case will open access to the pump. In some models, you will have to completely remove the front panel of the housing. The reason why the water is not drained from the washing machine can be a banal coin, socks, handkerchiefs, small children’s toys, and other things that accidentally fell into the compartment. As in the case of the lack of liquid intake, depending on the valve and pump that pumps water.

3. Clogging of the drain hose. In this situation, it will have to be completely dismantled, cleaned, and only then reinstalled. Provided that the integrity is preserved.

Ignoring the rules from the manufacturer significantly reduces the life of any machinery and equipment. This is confirmed by research by the British magazine Which, together with the TEND statistics service. According to officially published data, 20% of users of washing machines fail immediately after the end of the warranty period, regardless of generation and brand.

Experts strongly recommend extending the service life of the equipment without failures:
► install a stabilizer, filter, or voltage control relay;

► connect an RCD to prevent traumatic situations in case of breakdown of the machine body;

► perform regular cleaning of the drum and filters at least once every 2-5 months;

► leave the hatch open after washing;

► do not overload the machine (the maximum permissible weight is indicated on the front side of the housing or in the technical passport);

► do not pull the power cord out of the socket in any active mode (washing, spinning, reloading, etc.);

► strictly follow the advice on the care of the equipment from the manufacturer.

Simple manipulations significantly reduce the risk of fatal problems. An additional recommendation is to regularly carry out preventive measures and entrust the work to qualified craftsmen.

Whether you can find the breakdown on your own or at some stage of the search, calling a handyman is up to you. Not only that in the absence of experience disassembly and assembly of washing machines is better to limit the external examination and search for simple damage, and then call our master. Chula Vista Appliance Repair Company is proud to offer efficient washing machine repair services in and around San Diego County. Our team of experts is well-equipped and ready to handle all types of washing machine repairs, no matter how complicated they are. We strive to provide excellent repairs using only high-quality replacement parts backed by a manufacturer’s warranty, so you can rely on a washing machine repair technician to fix the problem and make sure your machine will work properly for a long time.

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