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You have started washing and are doing your business as usual: the machine is rumbling peacefully, turning the laundry. Some time passes, and intuitively you understand that the sounds should become louder because it is time for the machine to reach the final spin. You look at your hard work and understand: in fact, the wringing stage has already been reached. But, for some reason, the machine cannot reach the necessary speed: the speed is much lower than the set one.

There is no chance to speak about habitually wet linen in such a case: at the low spin speed it will be visibly damp at best, and frankly wet at worst. Hello “back to the future” and wringing things by hand… Don’t you want to? In this case, let’s try to figure out what could lead to the fact that the machine does not spin up. There may be no breakage as such.

What to check first, if the washing machine does not spin up?

Check exactly what washing program you have chosen. Perhaps low speeds are a feature of this particular program. For example, for wool and fine fabrics, all machines lower the speed on purpose – it helps to avoid the deformation of things.
Check the spin speed switch: many machines allow you to manually adjust the number of revolutions per minute. Maybe you accidentally touched the spin button/controller, and it “jumped” to a lower mode?
If everything is okay with the program selection, but the machine still does not spin up, then interrupt the washing cycle or wait until it ends and take out the laundry. “Estimate” the approximate weight of the load. This may be the problem:

You may have overloaded the washing machine. If there is too much laundry, try splitting it into two batches and start the spin mode again.
Or, on the contrary – put too few things. In this case, experienced hostesses advise putting a clean terry towel into the drum along with the unwashed laundry.
Unbalance of the laundry is also a frequent reason that the machine can not gain momentum. For example, when the duvet covers “eat up” all the other items. In this case, simply spread the laundry over the drum evenly and try to start the spin cycle again.
If the program selection is all right, and the weight and distribution of the laundry on the drum do not cause complaints – then, alas, something in the machine is broken.

The most widespread breakages, in when the washing machine doesn’t pick up speed
The speed of rotation of the drum depends on very many nodes in the washing machine. Therefore, only a specialist can determine independently what exactly is the cause of the fact that the machine doesn’t want to pick up the desired speed.

1. The wear and tear of the brushes of the motor
Brushes are worn due to poor contact with the collector spark. The motor does not have enough power to rotate the drum in the spin, so the washing machine does not pick up speed.

2. Bearings
The oil seal lost its tightness, and water got into the bearings. As they are destroyed the machine deteriorates the rotation of the drum, first, it does not gain speed on the spin, and then, stops rotating at all. Breakage is accompanied by a loud sound.

3. Drive belt
Tensioned and slipping at high revolution speeds. Therefore, the machine cannot spin the drum and does not spin.

4. tachogenerator
It controls the rotation speed of the washing machine drum. When the sensor fails, the machine loses control of the speed of rotation and does not give the command to accelerate the drum.

5. Level sensor
In working conditions, the sensor tells the control module what the water level in the machine is. Based on these data, the “brain” of the washing machine turns on the drain or spin. If the sensor seems that the water is still in the machine, the spin will not start: the machine will spin the drum as in the laundry, and try to drain the non-existent water.

6. Control unit
The elements of the board responsible for motor control are burned out, and the tracks and contacts of the module in the motor circuit are rotten or burned out.

However, if you find that your washing machine does not pick up – do not put up with it and spin by hand. Contact Chula Vista Appliance Repair Company. Our handyman will come as soon as possible, run diagnostics, and give you the exact reason why the machine won’t deliver the set at 800 or 1200 rpm. An hour or two for repair and you can forget about your wet laundry!

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