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You have habitually loaded the washing machine with laundry and started washing, but immediately or after some time you notice that the drum of the machine spins jerkily. Such behavior of the washing machine may occur at any stage of the program: washing, rinsing or spinning. It is possible that the light in the apartment is blinking at this, as from power surges.

Why the drum of the washing machine rotates jerkily, and what you can do yourself – tell us in our material.

When it is possible to cope with the problem yourself

Before you go to the service center, rule out the following situations that may affect the operation of the washing machine.

Incorrect voltage in the network. Perhaps the voltage is too high or low. In this case, in addition to the washing machine, other appliances may also malfunction. Contact the management company to resolve the issue.

Incorrect connection to the electricity. The machine will malfunction if it is working through an extension cord or a socket with less than 10A current. The machine must be plugged in correctly: into a grounded stationary outlet.

One-time failure of the control board. Sometimes the control board of the washing machine “hangs”. In this case, it must be overloaded. To do this, disconnect the machine from the mains for 10-15 minutes (by pulling the plug out of the socket). If after turning on the washing machine will work normally, without jerks – it was a one-time failure, and you have successfully coped with it.

Possible malfunctions requiring repair

If none of the above tips for troubleshooting on your own didn’t help, then your washing machine has had a breakdown. In the experience of Chula Vista Appliance Repair Company‘s handymen, most often the washing machine is jerking when the following items are malfunctioning.

Faulty control unit
The control unit is the command center of the washing machine, which “directs” the work of all the components. Because of power surges, as well as moisture, in the block, which is a microcircuit, the circuit of the motor fails individual radio elements, burns out, or oxidizes contacts/tracks. Most often, the triac, which controls the motor, burns the reversing relay. Less often, other elements in the motor circuit fail (resistors, capacitors, and so on).
Failure of the control module is the most common reason why the drum of the washing machine works jerkily.

Faulty tachometer or Hall sensor
This node reads the speed of rotation of the drum. If the sensor fails, the washing machine does not understand the speed at which the drum rotates, and works jerkily. When the tachometer breaks, it usually burns out the coil or the magnet unscrews.

Frayed motor brushes
Motor brushes create an electromagnetic field that makes the motor shaft rotate. As the washer is used, the brushes wear out, and the motor performance decreases, so the drum of the machine can’t accelerate on the spin and spins jerkily. As the brushes are washed, the machine at first stops to reach high spin speeds and then stops spinning the drum at all.

The drive belt is stretched
The belt of the washing machine transmits the rotation from the motor shaft to the drum. If it is stretched and slips, the machine may jerk.

The washing machine motor is faulty
The motor is the heart of the washing machine. It is what drives the drum. As you use it, the motor can malfunction. In particular, it can:

The manifold lamellae melt or peel off;
Winding breaks in the stator or rotor;
Ground faults can occur;
inter-turn short circuits of stator or rotor windings.

Damaged wiring or contacts in the motor circuit
Contacts in motor wiring harness are often loose, burned, or oxidized. Wires in the loop from the motor to the control unit are frayed by vibrations from the washer-dryer, crushed or gnawed by rats or mice in the private sector.

Due to damaged wiring or contacts, there is a “bad contact” with the motor, and the signal is lost and reappears. This is why the drum “jerks” when the washing machine is running.

If your washing machine is working jerkily, and the efficiency of washing tends to zero, it is time to call a specialist. Call Chula Vista Appliance Repair Company or book now.

Our specialists have years of experience repairing washing machines of all brands and years of manufacture with vertical and horizontal loads. They can fix your machine, too!

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