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Amana Heat Pump Repair

If your heat pump has become less efficient or has failed completely, you should contact the professionals at Chula Vista Appliance Service Center right away. We've been doing Amana Heat Pump Repair in San Diego County for over 15 years, and we do it with quality and speed. After all the work is done, each of our technicians will leave a warranty card and recommendations for future use of the equipment.

We approach each customer and our order individually and responsibly. We are responsible to the customer and to the manufacturer of heat pumps. You can have no doubt in the quality of Amana Heat Pump Repair and Service. 

Many breakdowns can be avoided with regular heat pump service. And anyone who has ever had Amana Heat Pump Repairs knows that breakdowns are cheaper and easier to prevent. 

Important indicators for monitoring heat pump performance

Diagnostics of the performance of the device is carried out only when the mechanism is on. This comprehensive approach allows not only to measure most accurately, but also several times faster to notice the defect. Our Amana Heat Pump Repair and Service technicians always record a number of important indicators before beginning repair work:

  • The temperature of the heated air in and out of the room.
  • Pressure parameters generated during the discharge and suction stages.
  • Parameters of the superheat of the steam that comes out of the evaporator.
  • The voltage of the electric current that is supplied to the compressor.

To accurately determine the nature of the failure and how to fix it, Amana Heat Pump Repair technicians need to record a number of other important indicators.

  • Pressure surges and their magnitude in the refrigerant filters.
  • Parameters of the electrical voltage that is supplied for the correct operation of the ventilation blades.
  • Temperature readings at the point of entry to the evaporator and at the exit point.
  • Analysis of the oil consistency in the compressor: its viscosity, heating, as well as its quantity.

From the above it can be noted that it is impossible to cope with a heat pump breakdown by yourself, and you should not trust such a serious matter to anyone.

Let's look at a few common defects in the operation of heat pumps

  • Refrigerant leakage. Like any climate equipment, the heat pump operates using freon. Mechanical damage can lead to a leak: even the smallest scratches can lead to a breakdown. From the very beginning, the master uses a leak detector to find the vulnerable place and return it to its tightness and integrity. Then the tank is re-filled with refrigerant for the heat pump to work effectively.
  • The heat exchanger is defrosted. In this case, replacement or re-soldering is possible. Amana Heat Pump Repair and Service technicians need to be extremely careful at this stage of the job. It is very important to install a factory part that will meet all specifications. If the part is ordered, it is strictly forbidden to put an unsuitable version.
  • Failure of the compressor. This type of repair is the most expensive - in very rare cases, the mechanism can be repaired. Most often it is necessary to install a new model, which, as well as the heat exchanger, must necessarily exactly match its technical characteristics.
  • The circulation pumps are broken. In this case, they must either be repaired or completely replaced.
  • Adjustment of intake valves. With severe wear and tear, these components are subject to complete replacement with new mechanisms. 

Service of heat pumps

State-of-the-art maintenance and Amana Heat Pump Repair are a guarantee of quick fixes. 

What is included in heat pump service:

  • External inspection of all heating subsystems. 
  • Check the operation of the elements of the external circuit, check the temperature of the coolant, check the circuit circulation, check the condition of the circulation and water pump. 
  • Check the operation of the heating system - the flow of coolant, check the pipes, radiators and manifolds for leaks, cleaning filters, check the condition of the fans. 
  • Complete replacement of oil and freon, replacement of filters. 
  • Cleaning of contacts of electromechanical components. 
  • Checking freon pressure in the system. 

Complete and correct regular maintenance keeps the heating system working. Ensuring comfort at all times of the year.

You never know when your appliances might break down, and you may need to have them repaired promptly. But you can always have peace of mind, at any time you can call Chula Vista Appliance Service Center. We respond promptly to every request, and for Amana Heat Pump Repair and Service, we only need one day.

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