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Lennox Furnace Repair

Let's find out why the furnace clicks and makes other noises during hot water supply. Finding out the causes of extraneous sounds in time will help you prevent more serious defects, as well as increase the service life of your appliances. So, contact Chula Vista Appliance Service Center. The technicians at Lennox Furnace Repair in San Diego County will fix and service it quickly.

Our company has been in the business of repairing gas furnaces since 2008. Our Lennox Furnace Repair and Service technicians have over 15 years of experience.

Common causes of noise in gas equipment

New equipment runs almost silently, but after a while, extraneous noises may appear. This is a sign that the gas boiler is malfunctioning, you can detect it when:

  • Scale builds up.
  • Defects in the fan.
  • Worn components of the equipment.
  • Factory defect.
  • Incorrect adjustment or installation of gas equipment.

To understand why the gas furnace makes a loud noise, you can only if you listen more carefully to the sounds it makes. If the source of noise is the gas equipment itself, you need to make sure that the water level does not exceed the norm, or vice versa, is less than it should be. If the sounds are coming from the radiator or piping, one of the probable causes is air trapped in the system, which must be eliminated. Any unfamiliar noises in the pump indicate a factory defect. Lennox Furnace Repairs technicians will diagnose your furnace.

Furnace clicks that sound at intervals indicate that there is a problem with the fan. If the furnace hisses or whistles, it indicates scale buildup in particularly large quantities. When the pump is broken, it often needs to be replaced by Lennox Furnace Repair and Service. The gas supply to the system needs to be adjusted regularly, it is not desirable to have a strong head.

Gas vent fan defects

When extraneous noises are heard at certain intervals, this indicates that the fan needs to be checked. The noise of the boiler may be precisely because of it. The fan's job is to systematize the operation of the system that removes the smoke. By doing this, the combustion products are removed from the gas equipment with the force that is necessary to ensure guaranteed safety.

The fan is involved in cleaning the system of combustion residues by blowing it out. And it also removes the smoke and the longer the equipment is running, the more wear and tear will be on the cooler. It is possible that the problem is caused by a long service life. Maybe you just need to change the cooler, installing the one that is newer. 

It is also possible that the top of the device, which is located above the burner, may be the cause of the fan's accelerated wear. Under the influence of high temperature, the bearing grease can dry out quickly, causing instant wear as a result. To correct this problem, the fan will need to be replaced. Call a Lennox Furnace Repair technician, only they can perform a quality repair on your equipment.

It is possible that the cause is also that the fan is clogged with dust. But it can be easily removed by taking the following steps:

Inspect the ventilator

  • If there is too much dust on it, remove it.
  • Carefully inspect the blades that are under the housing, eliminate the dirt and dust.
  • When you have removed all the dirt, lubricate the bearings.

If these steps do not help, replace the part with a new one. For replacement, contact a Lennox Furnace Repair and Service technician who specializes in hot water heating equipment repair. If the parts that have suffered wear and tear are replaced on time and competently, there will be no need to buy new equipment.

Scale on the walls of the heat exchanger

The heat exchanger is involved in the redirection of heat: gas is burned, and heat is sent to the water. When water has a high hardness, the heating system is not protected against scale formation. To remove the scale on the walls, you should periodically perform a chemical flush of the heating system, as well as cleaning the heat exchanger. This service will be provided by Lennox Furnace Repair.

There are actually a lot more reasons why click, pops, crackles, howls, and other sounds occur than you might think. Some problems are minor and can be handled by yourself, but there are some that you certainly can't solve without the help of Chula Vista Appliance Service Center. And if you are faced with several breakdowns at once, it requires the help of specialized professional technicians Lennox Furnace Repair and Service.

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