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Carrier Furnace Repair

During the operation of the gas furnace, possible malfunctions can occur. Sometimes this is due to improper settings or improper operation of the unit. That is why it is better to contact a Chula Vista Appliance Service Center. The technicians at Carrier Furnace Repair in San Diego County will quickly fix and perform service.

Our company has been repairing gas furnaces since 2008. Our Carrier Furnace Repair and Service technicians have over 15 years of experience.

Below we will look at the possible breakdowns of gas furnace

If your gas furnace won't turn on, the reasons may include

  • The unit is not plugged in, or the power is out. A short circuit has occurred. Then you should remove the lid and inspect the wires and assemblies for such a problem. The condition of the wires, sensors, and fuses should be checked. If the fuse is blown, it is replaced with a new one. However, if the item has been replaced not too long ago and it has blown again, a Carrier Furnace Repairs technician should be called in, as this indicates a serious breakdown.

  • A varistor exploded during a power surge. A damaged varistor, which protects the gas boiler from voltage fluctuations, will indicate the presence of this problem. Such a malfunction is fixed by brazing the broken part by Carrier Furnace Repair and Service technicians. 

  • Coarse filter clogging. The filter is removed and cleaned for adjustment of operation. At the same time, the taps are shut off and the furnace is disconnected from electricity. The cause is the pump, which does not pump the coolant for the following reasons: due to air accumulation, a jammed rotor. 

If the reason is the accumulated air, it is necessary to open the air vent and let all the oxygen out. At the same time the sound of escaping air should be heard. If the rotor has stopped, it is better to call a Carrier Furnace Repair technician who can get it running.

  • The room sensor is out. This can be caused by an open sensor circuit in the unit's thermostat, a room sensor that is turned off, or dead batteries in the electronic thermostat. The fact is that the unit's safety systems are interconnected in one chain, and if one of them fails, the power to the others will not come on. 
  • The burner fails to ignite, the flame goes out. If the gas burner does not ignite in the unit with an open combustion chamber, the cause is most likely poor draft. Its presence is checked with a lit match: if the flame goes to the side - there is a draft, if it burns evenly - there is no draft. If there is no air supply, the chimney should be cleaned. Sometimes it happens that the draft is too strong, and it on the contrary extinguishes the flame in the burner. 

In this case, the air flow can be adjusted with the flaps. In winter, it happens that the outlet from the chimney icing up and blocking the flow of air, the problem is solved by simply cleaning the chimney. If the burner does not ignite in a turbine furnace, the cause may be the following: Voltage fluctuations, which can disrupt the operation of the circulation pump. In this case, the installation of a stabilizer will help. By contacting the service center of our company, master Carrier Furnace Repair and Service will quickly and with a guarantee fix the breakdowns.

  • The igniter does not light. In this case you should check the contacts, the condition of the igniter and the position of the ignition electrode. Phase and zero connections mixed up - this causes the circulation pump to be inoperative. It is necessary to reconnect everything correctly. The piezo ignition button is broken. Then the part has to be replaced. 
  • Trouble in the draught sensor: After ignition, the fire goes out, and it is impossible to re-light the burner. To know that it is because of the sensor, close the terminals between them and try to light the fire. If the burner works properly, the problem is in the sensor. The problem is fixed with Carrier Furnace Repair. 

In many models, it can be a problem that when you turn on the ignition unit, there is soot coming out of it. This malfunction is caused by poor air concentration in the fuel, so the gas does not burn right away. 

You should always remember that prevention of a breakdown is better than repairing it. You should not wait until the furnace fails at the most inopportune moment. By contacting Chula Vista Appliance Service Center, you can have a service contract for your equipment. The technicians at Carrier Furnace Repair and Service will respond very quickly to your request and repair your equipment in a quality manner.

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