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Coleman Furnace Repair

More popular today are two-circuit furnaces. Their main difference from the previous type is the ability to work on hot water, thanks to the presence of a second heating circuit. During the operation of the gas furnace, there can be possible malfunctions. Sometimes this is due to improper settings or violation of the rules for operating the unit. Therefore, it is better to contact the Chula Vista Appliance Service Center. The technicians at Coleman Furnace Repair in San Diego County will quickly fix and perform service.

Our company has been in the business of repairing gas furnaces since 2008. Our Coleman Furnace Repair and Service technicians have over 15 years of experience.

Why doesn't the furnace heat water?

Under normal operating conditions, a two-circuit furnace works for heating and hot water. However, there are a number of malfunctions that can disrupt the normal operation of the device. It can continue to work on heating the room but will not heat water.

Scale clogging in the three-way valve

A three-way valve in the design of the gas furnace is designed to redirect the flow of water from the primary heat exchanger, to the secondary. This is to ensure that the heating is not for heating, but for hot water supply. Water for this purpose is heated in the secondary heat exchanger.

Scale buildup in the valve makes it difficult for it to work, and subsequent switching to the flow water heater mode. As a result, the gas boiler gradually stops working on DHW, the water from the tap will come only cold.

The solution to the problem is to clean the valve from the accumulated scale, in the most neglected cases you may need a complete replacement of the part. As a preventive measure, you should consider installing an additional filter that will reduce the number of impurities in the water. Contact the repair technicians at Coleman Furnace Repairs.

Faulty flow sensor

There are several sensors in the design of a gas furnace that are responsible for the proper operation of the appliance. The principle of operation of a two-circuit boiler we have superficially considered, but even so it is clear that the boiler switches to a flow-through water heater mode when the hot water in the faucet opens. This mode is possible due to the flow sensor.

The sensor itself is in the form of a fan, which under the influence of water pressure rotates. Consequently, if the fan rotates, it means that the tap is open, and it is necessary to switch to DHW mode. Once the flow sensor begins to rotate, the three-way valve is triggered, and the water heating begins.

From this it is clear, if the flow sensor is defective, the three-way valve will not switch to DHW operation, the water will not be heated. Typically, the sensor stops functioning properly due to a serious blockage. To clean the fan, there are two options. The first is to shut off the common water riser, open the hot water and drain it to the maximum, then close the tap and just turn on the water.

The air that passed through the pipes in the process should clear the fan. If this method turns out to be useless, you need to make a partial disassembly of the case, dismantle the sensor and clean it manually. Contact our Coleman Furnace Repair and Service company.

Flame sensor defective

The flame sensor is in the form of a thin wire that sits above the burner. In order for the sensor to continue to function properly, it must be located at a certain distance from the flame. In practice, however, there are cases where the sensor becomes deformed and changes its original location when exposed to high temperatures. Our Coleman Furnace Repair technicians will troubleshoot any problems with your gas furnace.

Low water pressure

For a gas furnace to work properly in either one or the other mode, you need sufficient water pressure in the system. Otherwise, the water will not heat for both heating and hot water. If you are experiencing these problems, contact Coleman Furnace Repair and Service right away.

Limescale in the heat exchanger

A gas furnace, whether two-circuit or single-circuit, belongs to the category of climate control equipment. Devices of this type are able to provide our homes with warmth and comfort, but they also need regular preventive cleaning. If such a need is ignored, the work of the gas furnace soon breaks down. Our Coleman Furnace Repair technicians will provide service.

To avoid having to deal with water heating problems that arise, your gas furnace should undergo regular preventive cleaning by a dedicated Chula Vista Appliance Service Center. Coleman Furnace Repair and Service technicians will respond very quickly to your request and perform quality repairs on your equipment.

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