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What to do if the refrigerator makes a loud noise. The main causes and useful tips on how to eliminate noise

Why the refrigerator makes a lot of noise – you need to check the compressor The compressor is undoubtedly the main component of any refrigeration unit and is designed to freeze, cool, and circulate freon through the system. Malfunctions in its operation can be the cause of ice or frost in the refrigerator. But like […]


Situations in which a strange noise occurs in your Samsung refrigerator

Noise, when the refrigerator is turned on, is not considered a serious problem – it is usually caused by the starting current needed to start the compressor rotor. But if the extraneous rattling noise also occurs when the refrigerator is turned off, there is a possibility that the refrigerant tubes are touching the casing or […]


What to do if the refrigerator freezes?

The main task of any refrigeration equipment is to cool food while maintaining its freshness and nutrients. However, if the refrigerator suddenly starts to freeze hard, the consequences will be unpleasant. From a strong drop in temperature, the products will simply freeze and become unusable.   The normal temperature in the chamber should be no […]


Why does the refrigerator not turn off?

Approximately once every 20 minutes, the compressor of any refrigerator model should turn off. If this does not happen and its operation mode is disturbed, then this indicates that there are problems in your unit. The cause of such a breakdown is easy to find out, and some of them can be eliminated independently.   […]


How to understand why the refrigerator does not turn off?

To recognize in time, why the refrigerator does not switch off, is to keep from breakage the motor, which is not calculated at all for constant work without rest. And to other units of refrigerators, such overloads are not useful at all.    Therefore, if you faced such a problem, as continuous refrigerator work, begin […]


6 reasons why your refrigerator is loud

Have you noticed that your refrigerator is running loudly? It is important to know that this is not normal. Its noise should not vary in normal working order from new to actual operation. Let’s look at the possible situations where the appliance may cause abnormal noise.   Improper installation Before claiming the poor quality of […]


6 reasons why your refrigerator is too hot

Every home has a refrigerator today. This device cools and freezes foods and food, preserving them for a long time. Regardless of the model of the unit and the year of its manufacture, the owner of the equipment can face an unpleasant problem – an increase in temperature mode in the refrigerating chamber.   Most […]


Why the refrigerator beep

Possible malfunctions requiring repair   Indeed, a number of malfunctions in refrigerators can be accompanied by unusual sounds. However, before going to the workshop, make sure that there were no such sounds before (perhaps you just did not pay attention to them?). If the sounds were always there, and the refrigerator freezes normally, then there […]

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