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Troubleshooting Airflow Issues in Your Whirlpool Freezer: A Comprehensive Guide

A freezer is a crucial appliance in any home, allowing us to preserve and store food for extended periods. However, if you notice airflow issues in your Whirlpool freezer, it can be a cause for concern. Proper airflow is essential for maintaining the ideal temperature and ensuring that your frozen items remain frozen. In this […]



How can you tell if your refrigerator needs repair?

What should you do if your compression refrigerator cracks? It is worth trying to determine the cause of the cracking. In thrifty instances of refrigeration equipment, the inner liner is made of plastic, which begins to shrink or expand when the temperature changes. This process is accompanied by cracking because the correspondence of sizes of […]



What to do if the refrigerator makes a loud noise. The main causes and useful tips on how to eliminate noise

Why the refrigerator makes a lot of noise – you need to check the compressor The compressor is undoubtedly the main component of any refrigeration unit and is designed to freeze, cool, and circulate freon through the system. Malfunctions in its operation can be the cause of ice or frost in the refrigerator. But like […]



6 reasons why your refrigerator is too hot

Every home has a refrigerator today. This device cools and freezes foods and food, preserving them for a long time. Regardless of the model of the unit and the year of its manufacture, the owner of the equipment can face an unpleasant problem – an increase in temperature mode in the refrigerating chamber.   Most […]

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Why doesn’t the freezer freeze? 5 main reasons

Thermostat or temperature sensor in the freezer compartment (in double-compressor refrigerators) ┬áThe thermostat (in electromechanical refrigerator models) regulates the temperature in the chamber. In most cases, when it fails, the cooling does not turn on and the compartment does not freeze. The cause of the thermostat failure, more often than not, is due to a […]



Terrible knocking Samsung refrigerator in Chula Vista

Has your refrigerator started making strange noises, or more specifically, knocking? We understand that this is nothing short of alarming, and you think your Samsung refrigerator needs repair in Chula Vista. Here are the situations in which the owners of the appliances are most often faced with such “sound accompaniment”: – The refrigerator bangs when […]

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