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When is it necessary to drain the washing machine?

It is difficult to overestimate the role of washing machines in everyday life. Unfamiliar with fatigue units diligently perform some routine duties for the owners. Unfortunately, their mechanisms are characterized by periodic failures. Therefore, it is better to find out in advance how to drain the washing machine, so that in case of failure you […]


The washing machine does not spin laundry or spins poorly

The wrong washing mode is selected in the washing machine You could have chosen a washing mode with a minimum number of spin rotations or even chosen a washing mode without spinning. Such modes are typical when using delicate washing. Check the settings of the selected washing mode or try to run the washing machine […]


Why the washing machine does not drain water – technical prerequisites

Blockages are the most common causes of equipment malfunction. However, unlike external “plugs”, internal debris is much more difficult to deal with. It is formed into three main parts: 1. Behind the drain filter cover is the pump impeller. By removing the unit, it can be easily seen. The space around the elements should be […]


How to use the washing machine correctly

Lack of timely maintenance is a problem that has already been discussed earlier in this article and touched upon by many users and experts alike. Ignoring the “instructions” for the operation of the washing machine- invisible to the ordinary user: – increase in electricity consumption; – the appearance of noise and vibration; – a complication […]


How to stop the washing machine during the washing

The main advantage of an automatic washing machine is that it can independently carry out the washing process from start to finish, without the help of the user. The presence of a person is not only not required, but can even be dangerous for the machine or the user himself. That is why manufacturers of […]


Replacing the sealing rubber in the washing machine

In the designs of modern washing machines, special sealing rubbers are installed to achieve the sealing effect. When such an element loses its integrity, it leads to depressurization of the device, that is, the leakage of water between the tank and the machine body. There are several reasons for the breakage of the washing cuff, […]


What to do if the washing machine jumps?

A washing machine is a wonderful device that helps housewives a lot. After all, how much free time appears when you wash not manually but with the help of a washing machine? After all, the washing process is optimized. But, as sad as it may sound, but still, over time, we notice that the washing […]


The washing machine does not heat water

The heating element is the main reason why a washing machine may refuse to heat water. If the water is not heated, then things are not washed, and water, electricity, and detergents are wasted. But, why is the water not heated? How to eliminate such a malfunction, and what needs to be repaired? Let’s try […]


What is the danger of overloading the washing machine?

Each washing machine has a maximum allowable load of laundry. This is all indicated by the manufacturer on the body of the device and is also duplicated in the instructions for the device. Guided by this parameter, housewives buy a washing machine at home. There is an opinion that the more the washing machine holds, […]


The washing machine does not turn on

Ordering the repair of washing machines, people often indicate the reason “just does not turn on. But this “diagnosis” allows only to narrow down the list of possible faults. To carry out a complete diagnosis will have to in any case. Only in this way, it will be possible to identify the real cause of […]

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