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Common Microwave Problems & Their Fixes

Before you start repairing a microwave oven, as well as any other appliance, assess your capabilities, first of all, be careful and follow the safety instructions. Repairing a microwave oven can be dangerous, because even after unplugging the device is still under high electric voltage for some time, which can lead to a serious accident. […]


How to Fix a Refrigerator That Keeps Running

The refrigerator is one of those appliances that are so important in our daily lives. Unfortunately, however, refrigerators, like any other appliance, can break down, and as always, at the most inopportune moment. Faulty refrigerators cycle for 12-20 minutes, during which time it reaches the desired temperature and then shuts off. If the unit does […]


Fridge/Freezer Problems-Troubleshooting Common Issues

We can no longer imagine ourselves at home without a refrigerator or freezer. Therefore, when it breaks down, it can become quite a serious problem. But most of the problems require the assistance of a professional. What are the most common malfunctions of refrigerators and freezers, how to identify and fix them, we will answer […]


3 Most Common Dryer Problems and Solutions

Dryer malfunctions are caused by improper maintenance. Factory defects are quite rare. But even if the machine is super reliable, it will eventually need maintenance or repair. One of the most common problems is Dryer Stopped Heating. A dryer that does not heat up is a common problem. There are several possible causes. The most […]

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