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What to do if the fridge freezes too much

The main function of a refrigerator is to store food at low temperatures. However, sometimes it begins to freeze too much, which indicates a malfunction of this household appliance. There can be several reasons why the refrigerator freezes too much and, often, some of them can be eliminated at home.   If you happen to […]


Drip freezer or No Frost – which is better?

The drip system involves the presence of a separate Drip Collector at the bottom of the freezer. It receives condensate, which is created as a result of the operation of the compressor.   At first, the condensed liquid freezes, and during slight heating of the evaporator, it begins to melt. The melted water flows through […]


Is it necessary to charge the refrigerator with freon?

Signs of the need to charge your refrigerator   If the refrigeration equipment no longer maintains a cold temperature, you can safely make the assumption that it needs more refrigerant. However, you may be mistaken because, as mentioned earlier, freon is pressurized inside a closed system. If there are no problems in the system in […]


Why doesn’t the freezer freeze? 5 main reasons

Thermostat or temperature sensor in the freezer compartment (in double-compressor refrigerators) ┬áThe thermostat (in electromechanical refrigerator models) regulates the temperature in the chamber. In most cases, when it fails, the cooling does not turn on and the compartment does not freeze. The cause of the thermostat failure, more often than not, is due to a […]


Terrible knocking Samsung refrigerator in Chula Vista

Has your refrigerator started making strange noises, or more specifically, knocking? We understand that this is nothing short of alarming, and you think your Samsung refrigerator needs repair in Chula Vista. Here are the situations in which the owners of the appliances are most often faced with such “sound accompaniment”: – The refrigerator bangs when […]



In our new generation, many families cannot imagine at all how it is possible to have a fridge without this convenient defrost system – no frost. People are buying more and more fridges with two chambers, roomy, where they can keep both fresh fruit and frozen meat. Statistics for this year show that almost every […]

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